Deanna Nowadnick

Speaker, Author, Motivator


Fireside Chats - celebrating women, our stories and the passions of our hearts

Our stories connect us, bring perspective, and encourage others who stand where we once stood. Capturing your story for yourself and others.

“I’m a mess.” We have all been able to relate to these words at one time or another. In a world filled with challenges that isolate and issues that divide, our stories hold the power to connect us. Deanna Nowadnick shares with us the joy and perspective that comes through writing our stories, as she recounts how what began as a love story for her sons became her first published work, Fruit of My Spirit.

Deanna, an author, speaker and mentor, now has two books published and is a delight as she tells of her humble beginnings of writing. She encourages us all to start writing as if writing a letter and just get words onto paper.

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