Dr. Alisha Wilkes, a candid chat about Menopause

Guest Jill Nichols-Hick Founder Illuminating Women!


A Fave Lifestyles production of Our Wise Bodies with Dr. Alisha Wilkes and guest Jill Nichols-Hicks.

Reframing body, mind and spirit around the topic of menopause and the empowerment of knowing your beauty! Dr. Alisha and Jill have a open discussion addressing questions that affect women during this season of life.

How can menopause change how you see yourself in the world? What did you know about menopause before you went through it? What do you wish you had known? Symptoms and how to manage them.... 

Listen in and join the conversation! 

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Dr. Alisha Wilkes

Dr. Alisha Wilkes is a doctorally prepared nurse-practioner and midwife.

Dr. Wilkes believes in the inherent wisdom of the human body and aides folks in accessing this wisdom via one on one clinic visits, health counseling, education, workshops, speaking engagements, and more.

She is a healthcare entrepreneur, speaker, author, educator, and clinician.

In her private practice she provides primary care, gynecology, annual exams, health counseling, maternity care, home birth, newborn care, and more to teens thru elders.