Fireside, Celebrating Passions of our Hearts!


Beauty From The Ashes, Michele Frank



Fireside,  Celebrating Passions Of Our Hearts! 

Beauty from the Ashes is Michele's courageous story of the loss of her precious daughter in an unforeseen tragedy. Her journey was filled with serious chats with God as she needed to learn how to walk forward with a broken heart.  She was determined to see what God had planned for her next steps and how she would bravely walk in His purpose. 

Michele had the tenacity and determination to see what needed to be changed from this loss and went after it. Nothing was going to stop this Mom on a mission to change a wrong to a right.  She saw that other children needed to be protected and she was the one to do it with a bit of faith and and a nudge from God. 

A loving Moms heart to her daughter Jaclyn!


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