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Fave Lifestyle is a community of women supporting women in all aspects of life. Launched in 2017, Fave creates quality content and community via our WebTv shows, events, and resources. We are a community of women making an impact in our world through our passions, talents, families, faith and businesses. Fave is the go to resource for readers around the world, providing support and a community of like-minded women who are doing life together!


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Our most recent and popular stories from our Fave contributors. Advice, resources and inspiration to live your best life!

How to Add Meditation to Your Daily Life

How to Add Meditation to Your Daily Life

Meditation has been a practice forever. It is practiced in many cultures and religions andhas become more mainstream in the past decade. Meditating is wonderful way toreduce stress, be more mindful and add balance to your life. It can be a dauntingpractice to start,...

Doing Life Together: Got game?

Doing Life Together: Got game?

I love stories, all our stories. Our wisdom and experience give life a depth and a richness of color that far exceeds the beauty of fall foliage. Through our stories, we share seeds of love, joy, peace, and hope, seeds that bear much fruit, seeds that will become a...

What Are Zero Click Searches?

What Are Zero Click Searches?

Have you heard the term zero click search yet? If not, it is a matter of time. Zero clicksearches are shaking up the world of SEO practices and will continue to grow. So,today we want to give you a quick overview about what a zero click search is and how itwill impact...

The Dreaded Question About Email

The Dreaded Question About Email

The goal with email is to … Respond to those who need responses… Phone, voicemail, text, email, social messages, coffee dates, connect meetings, strategy sessions. It’s all about communication. We all want to communicate, and to communicate well. We want...

From My “Fave” Chair to Yours

From My “Fave” Chair to Yours

My Fave Chair Yours has been traveling! This month I thought I would share my perspective on the “Fave” chair while going from place to place. We planned a trip to Quebec Canada this year with some good friends we had known since 1986 when we were neighbors in...

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