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My Fave Chair to Yours

My Fave Chair to Yours

Breaking the silence?  What will your parents do? Have you ever felt like there was a conversation you really wanted to have with your parents about their plans for the future?  A recent article in my Realtor magazine calls this time for selling the family home a...

Owning Our Story

Owning Our Story

A year ago I was in New York City for a week of adventures with my husband. After dragging Kurt from the Museum of Modern Art to the Statue of Liberty, after making him stand outside Studio 1A for my moment with Hoda and the people of the Today Show, after telling him...

The Rhythm Of A Good Task List

The Rhythm Of A Good Task List

The Goal of your task list is to remind you to do the things you need to do. Let’s talk about how your technology can support you as you do the things you need to do. Set a planning day and time A task list is only as good as the thinking and planning behind it. It is...

Harmony Or Not?

Harmony Or Not?

I Used To Be A Staff Member I used to be a staff member. To move the organization forward, we tried to be in agreement. Or at least, I wanted to be ‘on the same page.’   Harmony Or Not? Our son was in college and performing in choirs. I heard all the voices blend...

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