10 Must See Ted Talks for Middle Age

We have shared blogs, books, and podcasts that are amazing resources for middle age
women and today we are focusing on Ted talks. TED Talks are an incredible resource
and we’ve found ten you must see when you want to change your life for the better!

The Power of Vulnerability. Best-selling author and researcher Dr. Brene Brown
shares how important our ability to open ourselves up and be vulnerable really is.
Brown’s emphasis on our levels of empathy and love connecting us to our fellow
humans will make you laugh and cry as you see how important being brave enough to
be vulnerable is. Instead of being afraid, she’ll inspire you to be bold, and in doing so,
you’ll find yourself more motivated to share your life. It’s already been viewed and
shared by millions around the world, and you’ll be moved by her goal to help us
overcome shame and guilt to live freer lives. 

How To Build Your Confidence And Spark It In Others. Brittany Packnett is an
educator, an activist and a writer who knows that truth will provoke people into
action. She uses the value of importance and truth to encourage us to be confident in
our gifts and our talents and in doing so, we’re able to spark others to be so as well. In
this Ted Talks, she shares three ways to do this and motivates you to take that
revolutionary confidence to ignite a fire in your life and in the world. A must-see for
those who want their reality to be the stuff their dreams are made of.

The Difference Between Healthy and Unhealthy. Katie Hood is the CEO of the One
Love Foundation, and as such, she believes that if we are able to educate young
people about what healthy and unhealthy relationships look like, we can put an end to
abusive behavior in relationships. This could reshape an entire generation to have
healthier and more fulfilling relationships, and it’s a great listen for those of us who
may have been in (or are in) unhealthy relationships ourselves. 

The Price of Shame. Monica Lewinsky bared her soul and shared how her reputation
turned on a dime on a global scale. She calls herself Patient Zero in what’s become a
toxic culture of humiliation and public shaming that’s so blindly accepted because it
often means dollar signs. Lewinsky bravely shares the need for the culture to be
different, to protect us all. 

My Year Of Saying Yes To Everything. Acclaimed writer and actor Shonda Rimes
shares the discoveries she made in her life as she spent a ‘year of yes.’ in order to
recover her ‘hum.’ Rimes calls the feeling of totally being in the groove and feeling
like you're doing just what you were meant to do the ‘hum,’ and this talk about her
year of yes is a moving picture of what getting the hum back looks like when the fire’s left your mind and soul. She’ll help you learn how to ensure you can always keep your hum going too. 

Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy
gave this viral TED talk (one of TED’s most-watched ever) to share how body
language doesn’t just affect how others see us, but how it can affect how we see
ourselves. She details the concept of ‘power posing,’ in which your posture exudes
confidence even if you don’t necessarily feel it—sort of faking it until you make it
based on your body language. She shares how to boost your feelings of confidence
and increase your chances of success in life. 

The Power Of Believing You Can Improve. Psychologist Carol Dweck goes in-depth
on the power that stands behind having a ‘growth mindset’ instead of a fixed mindset.
Sharing that our brain’s capacity to learn and grow never has to diminish if we keep a
growth mindset, she talks about ways to look at problems in life. Consider a problem
that may seem difficult—is it too hard to do, or just not done yet? Her talk motivates
you to have flexible thinking in order to tackle the smallest to most substantial
obstacles in your path.

Grit: The Power of Passion And Perseverance. This one will leave you motivated to
work harder than you ever have toward your passions and your dreams. Highly
successful consultant Angela Lee Duckworth talks about how leaving the corporate
world and taking a job as a 7th Grade math teacher taught her what the true measure
of success was: Grit. She talks about the power of IQ, but only in relation to the power
of passion and perseverance when success is the end goal, and you’ll be empowered to
reach for your dreams because you’ll have the experience of trials and triumphs in
your life as your backstory.

The Art Of Being Yourself. Founder and CEO of IDOLOGY, a movement that is
dedicated to helping you be your most fully original and authentic version of yourself,
Caroline McHugh shares tips on putting yourself to work that fulfills your potential
and brings you joy. She talks about a True Mirror—finding your truest self and
knowing there is not another in the world quite like you. She believes that alone
should bring levels of confidence never seen before in our lives, and when we realize
it, the world is our oyster.

How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over. A must-listen from highly successful criminal
lawyer and career and relationships expert Mel Robbins. She gives you the truth,
hard-core but with tough love, about how you need to stop letting the status quo be
okay. When we don’t force ourselves to better ourselves, we miss out on so many
opportunities. Robbins shares how to turn off our inner-snooze buttons and take life
by the horns.

10 Must See Ted Talks for Middle Age
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Karen Rae

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