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​2020: The Year of Miracles!?!  “Does not compute” right?

Every year since 2015, I have named an annual theme or goal.  After 2019, which I am many others had deemed it a rough year.  I had decided that 2020 was my year of miracles.  In December 2019, I had gone to a pottery place to paint a commemorative piece to mark my belief of affirmation.  

It was the year I was going to publish my book, have my book become a best seller on Amazon, accomplish huge goals in my business to earn a 5 Star trip.  My last trip was 10 days at The Ritz Carlton in Cannes, France at my companies’ expense – Air and Hotel.  By the way, that is where “To Catch a Thief” was filmed.  One of my favorite films as I adore Grace Kelly.  Each one of those were huge goals and I needed a miracle to accomplish them!

Fast forward, as we all know 2020 provided its own challenges on top of my already huge goals!  I thought to myself -crap!  What was I thinking dreaming that big!  Now as I write this article in October 2020, I am astounded with myself and upset with myself!  I didn’t dream BIG ENOUGH!!!  Let me explain. 


  1. Publish Book -DONE- Book Live on Amazon 5/18/2020, website completed, and paperback books delivered to me prior to that date.
  2. Best Seller on Amazon -DONE- Book #3 on Amazon in the Self-Esteem Self-Help Category 10/5/2020
  3. Earned 5 Star Trip- DONE- 9/23/2020.

Here is the thing, I truly did not dream big enough.  As aside from those achieving those goals, I had lots of outside noise trying to derail my goals/dreams. 

My mother on Mother’s Day (5/10/2020) of all days, literally shattered her left leg.  Long story but falling from a step ladder on her titanium knee cap with all her weight is not a good idea!  She is in her mid-70’s and her bones were just crushed from right below her hip all the way to and including her ankle!  She had to have three surgeries over two months as the swelling was too bad to attempt it.  The first surgery was to put in an external skeleton on her left leg to keep the placement of the nerves and ligaments while the surgeon made an internal leg “bones of metal, etc.”. 

2020 The Year of Miracles
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​The crazy part was do to Covid-19, she couldn’t stay in the hospital or go to a rehab facility due to her other health issues. So that meant that she came to live with my husband and I.  In our living room, I cared for my mother as my Dad could not due to health issues too. I became her full-time nurse (while working full-time too), making sure that she took her meds on time, cleaned her wounds etc. As she couldn’t put her weight on her left leg until the surgeon would let her. Finally, 8/26/2020, she got permission to start gradually putting weight on it. At the time of writing this article, she cannot walk without a walker and cannot walk longer than 10 steps. 

She said to me, a week ago, “honey, I am just waiting on a miracle”. I told her that “you have had several miracles. It may not be the big one of walking like you did before your accident. You still have your leg and it is starting to work again”. She was lucking to still have her leg…she almost lost it due to inflections due to the high swelling and having to wait for the swelling to go do to operate on it.  

Did I achieve all my goals that I had set?     Heck Yeah!  

Was it easy?  Heck NO! Was it worth it?      Heck Yeah!

Did I achieve them in uncertain times – Covid-19?    Heck Yeah! 

Did I achieve even more than I thought I humanly could do -full-time caregiver of my mom while working full-time while achieving my goals?     Heck Yeah!

Remember that YOU are amazing and can do more than You ever thought You could. The limiting beliefs come from your brain trying to figure out “the how” to your goals/dreams. Believing in your goals/dreams will align many miracles to help you achieve your goals/dreams.

Miracles are everywhere…they may not always be the huge one that you want or think you deserve. It may be lots of little ones that add up.   

Every day is a miracle! 

You are a miracle!

Don’t ever forget that!

Tiffany Gough

Tiffany Gough

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Tiffany Gough

Tiffany L. Gough has been in the financial services industry since 1990. Over the years, she has helped many through some difficult times while working on their financial goals. She is a financial advisor with an office in Seattle. In her debut book, "You are perfectly flawed and rarer than any diamond!", she shares some of the tools that helped her with her challenges as well as others. She grew up in Seattle. She is married and has two grown bonus sons (aka stepsons) who reside in Toronto, Ontario Canada.


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