Preparing Your Garden for Winter

Preparing Your Garden for Winter

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This year’s been a doozy. I can’t believe we’re at the point of thinking about Pumpkin Spice Lattes and cooler temperatures. With the fall comes signs that our gardens are starting to show signs of fatigue and wear—dropping leaves and telling us the season is changing. So, with the change of season it is time to put your garden to bed for the winter. Preparing your garden for winter is important. Taking a few steps now in preparing your garden for winter will make a big difference come spring!

Back to Basics: Preparing Garden for Winter

 “Winter season is the time to add color, fragrance, and vibrancy in your garden. It is time to say goodbye to the fall season and welcome winter. Start preparing your garden for winter by following these simple tips. ”

Clean Up Rotted and Dying Plants

The first step that one must do while preparing garden for winter is to clean up the dying and rotten plants. You know the ones — they didn’t do well but you kept them, hoping they would. Or those who have just given all the blooms they’re going to give and now look tired and worn. Especially if you have old plants with disease or fungus, you’ll want to make sure you get rid of them before winter. If you’re sure they’re disease and pest-free, bury them back into the earth so you can add some organic goodness to your soil for next year’s bounty. It’s all cyclical and getting rid of the dying helps make way for next year.


Even if you’ve been keeping up with the obvious weeds, you may have left some vines or grasses that ‘looked’ ok because they were green. Get rid of them. Completely. When you’re preparing your garden for winter, digging out invasive weeds means you’ll have less to deal with next year when they’re sprouting in places you never knew you had them!

Add Soil

While preparing garden for winter start from the basic, that is soil.  Many gardeners get their soil ready for spring and summer planting in the spring, but if you’re really wanting to get the most out of next year’s garden, bulking your soil up this fall is the way to do it. Add nutrients in the form of compost, manure, bone meal, kelp or rock phosphate as your climate calls for. This lets the soil soak those things in, break them down and become biologically active over the fall and winter—leading to better start-off soil in the spring. Turn your soil now so it’ll be less overwhelming in the spring. Consider covering with a sheet cover to keep the nutrients in and not vulnerable to fall and winter precipitation.

Preparing Your Garden for Winter

Preparing Your Garden for Winter
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Consider Fall Gardening For Better Soil

You most likely won’t have the same gorgeous turnout you did in the spring or summer (though you’d be surprised at how many beautiful fall perennials you have!). Still, if you do plant in the fall, you can add flowers that will add different things back to the soil. Realize the first frost will probably do a number to anything you plant, so prepare for that and be ready to remove before winter fully sets in. Still, consider some one-season-wonders to add to your soil and give you some pleasure too.

Divide, Cut and Conquer! Yeah required for

Fall is when you want to trim most of your perennials, but you’ll want to be sure you check to see each plant’s needs. You definitely want to take care of your hydrangea, but you want to be careful with your roses. You may want to wait until spring when forsythia is blooming. Blueberries and raspberries also still pull nourishment in during the late fall/early winter, so just be sure to check with each plant for the best time. Typically herbs and vegetables need pruning at this time of the year, and you most likely have lots of bulbs you can dig up and divide at this time as well. If you dug up your tulips, daffodils or crocuses before, now is when you’ll want to put them back into the ground.

Keep Your Garden Covered

While preparing the garden for winter, keep in mind the harshness of this weather. Make sure you do a good final mulching to help prevent water loss and soil erosion during the winter. Mulching also helps keep weeds to a minimum and allows your soil to transition to the cold—the freezing and thawing of earth. Before you add the mulch, add fertilizer. A nice thick layer of mulch will regulate soil temperature as well as moisture balance. It can protect those bulbs from harsh effects of winter. Not to mention, it just adds to a finished look of a winter garden.

This is also a great time to take a look at bird feeders and other garden accessories that may need replacing, cleaning or just removed for the winter. Preparing your garden for winter means that you’ll be able to start fresh in the spring, and cleaning and replacing the accessories for your garden now will make it even easier next year. Once the garden is ready make a list of flowers, and vegetables you wish to grow. Learn how to grow a vegetable garden 

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Karen Rae

Karen Rae

Owner, Fave Lifestyles


Karen Rae

I was becoming an empty nester, a woman of a more interesting age and in transition. Sound familiar? I was at that place where we question our purpose, value, and worth and what in the world are we going to do with the rest of our lives.

I noticed women have a huge hunger to belong to a community of women where they can feel safe, share openly from their heart and have other women to do life with! This is why I created my Fave Lifestyles.

Fave is for the woman who wants to call Fave her community of women who support, uplift, and make her feel better about herself. I want to create a place where we help her answer life's questions and just do life together!

Let's Do Life Together at Fave Lifestyles


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This Too Will Pass

This Too Will Pass

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We don’t know when but someday, the global pandemic of 2020 will be behind us. We will work and play
again with a sense of freedom, as we did before. We have all changed. We have grown to love our family
and friends even more. We value the in-person connections more than before. We don’t know how the
economy will be affected in the long run – even this too will pass someday.

How Are You Today?

“How are you today?” is Universal God Source’s favorite question. Sometimes we carry regret about the
past or worry about the future. Our feelings are just signals. However, when we can shift our mind to the
present moment, we can seek and find a bit of heaven. Close your eyes, sense God’s Love, and know
God cares about you. God understands how you are feeling. You and God together will navigate this
global pandemic, moment by moment.

(Feel free to replace the concept of God with a sense of Love, if it is more comfortable for you.)

Hell or Heaven

In the book, Prayer, Prophecy and the Promise of a New World, Gregg Braden points out Bible passages
which speak of the destruction of the world and passages that speak of renewal and heaven. These
passages are listed together as options. Humankind is given a choice. Prophecy does not mean these
catastrophic events will happen but that they can happen. We get to choose a life of destruction or a life
filled with renewal and heaven. We get to choose a life of Hell or Heaven, now. Our present moment
choices will dictate the outcome, now and later.

So in the middle of this global pandemic, the more we can live with Love, Peace, and Joy, the better path
we will be walking, individually and as a planet.

This Too Will Pass
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This Too Will Pass

The heartache we are experiencing now will pass. It has to pass. In the meantime, we can always find
something for which to be grateful. We can find strength, moment by moment. This global pandemic, too,
will pass. Find the Love that is present in every moment and experience Heaven now.

Let Dani Be Your Guide to Finding Heaven Now!

Dani offers a free 20 minute The Emotion Code session, which helps remove an inherited or
current emotion. Activate Your Soul Power! Live Your Infinite Greatness! Be Your
Own Hero! Book a FREE Breakthrough phone call and find out about The Soul Power
Experience! Go to

 Dani Green

Dani Green

Dani Green
The Soul Power Experience Creator |


Dani Green

Dani Green is the Creator of The Soul Power Experience using motivational speaking, education and hypnotherapy. Dani also helps clients reduce stress, smoking cessation and weight release. As an Ordained Minister, Dani writes and officiates Weddings and Funerals. Dani and her husband, Kevin have three adult children and have hosted 15 international students.


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Mask. Lipstick. Jewelry

Mask. Lipstick. Jewelry

Fave Lifestyles

Mask, lipstick, jewelry…oh my!

A lot has changed since March 2020…not for the better in my eyes. Most of us are social to a
point some are introverts and some are extroverts. I know a lot of introverts at the beginning
were really happy. Now several months later they are not and I being a total extrovert is having
challenges. If the environment is set…change how you engage with it and others. Always be
the change you want to see in the world and leave it better than you found it,

So just for fun I did a social experiment on a recent grocery store trip. FYI I totally hate grocery
shopping. I am blessed as my husband does all of it except for buying cat food! So that is my
one grocery store task and I know how lucky I am truly!

Alright back to my experiment, I wore the mask, lipstick and full makeup, shoes, handbag and a
lovely black dress…it was not floor length. However, I was very tempted to do so, yet it is a
grocery store floor and decided I didn’t want my gown sweeping their floor for them for free! I
had sewn big red lips on my mask, early one as I didn’t like the fact that none could see my smile
or my lipstick! Those that know me understand that both are completely me. I wanted to see if
anyone would engage in small talk with me. I only needed cat food for my beloved kitty Coco
Chanel. I knew which aisle that was…instead I went up and down every aisle to see if people
would say anything. The very last aisle, I got the cat food. Not to mention my outfit, chandelier
earrings and three strands of pearls!

Not a single person said anything to me…except the cashier. She said “that’s a lot of cat food”.
To which I replied “I hate grocery shopping so I do it all in one trip as there are other things I
would much rather do!” She finally laughed and said “it looks like you are going somewhere
fabulous after here”. “Just home to feed my dear Coco” I replied. She then asked, “why are you
so dressed up to buy cat food?” I replied, “in a world where everything has been cancelled or
postponed to someday, I am not cancelling or postponing me being me and what makes me
happy and neither should you!” Then I waltzed my way out of the store with the sound of my
heels clicking on the floor. No one could see the real huge smile under my mask!

What are you waiting for in this pandemic? Find a way to do the things that make you-YOU!
Wear your lipstick, wear your fine jewelry, wear your heels, do your hair and makeup for you!

As I look around every one, I see looks like they have just given up everything. I overheard a
conversation that made me really sad… said “since I am wearing a mask when I go out, I rarely
brush my teeth anymore and the other said “ME TOO!”

Mask. Lipstick. Jewelry
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In my book, “You are perfectly flawed and rarer than any diamond!” I wrote a whole chapter
about “Find Your Love”. It was written pre Covid-19. Yet, it still rings true today and even
more so I believe. The love I wrote about is loving yourself first-means taking care of yourself
first! Brushing your teeth, washing and doing your hair, etc. All I see anywhere I look when I
am out is sweats, jammies, and a general -I DON’T GIVE A F**K ATTITUDE TOWARDS
EVERYONE, including themselves! This breaks my heart.


Yes, we are in the midst of a global pandemic!

Yes, we don’t know when life will return to how it was pre-pandemic or if it every will.

Yes, we must keep a respectful distance regardless of how you feel about it.

Yes, we can talk to people at a distance and be safe.

Yes, we need to be kind and give grace to others no matter what.

Yes, we are all on this Earth at the same time for a reason.

Yes, we need to show love to ourselves first, so that we can truly love others.

Yes, there is only one like you and there will never be another “YOU” in the future or the past.



The perfect time never comes…and time flies whether you want it to or not.

When you are comfortable you are not growing, when you are fearful you are not open to
anything but more fear.

You have the power to change how you see the world and how the world sees you. I am sure
that many people smiled when they saw me galivanting down the aisles dressed to the nines! Oh
course, with the masks I will never know…did it make me happy! Oh hell yeah! Maybe they
thought what a crazy lady…yet if I made anyone smile or think about something else. I did my
job being me and hopefully changed their perspective just for a minute or two!

Tiffany Gough

Tiffany Gough

Financial advisor I Speaker IAuthor


Tiffany Gough

Tiffany L. Gough has been in the financial services industry since 1990. Over the years, she has helped many through some difficult times while working on their financial goals. She is a financial advisor with an office in Seattle. In her debut book, "You are perfectly flawed and rarer than any diamond!", she shares some of the tools that helped her with her challenges as well as others. She grew up in Seattle. She is married and has two grown bonus sons (aka stepsons) who reside in Toronto, Ontario Canada.


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How to Get Your Kids Computer Ready for Online School

How to Get Your Kids Computer Ready for Online School

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As a parent you already have a system for how to help your child succeed in
school. I always boiled my list down to these basics.

Set a reasonable bedtime
Offer good and healthy food
Communicate with their educators
Provide a place for them to do homework and study

This last item is where this post on online school will focus.

How to help your child with online learning:

Don’t let this new education system give you or your child any stress. Make online learning easy and stress-free with proper planning. Online learning has its pros and cons. Help your child in adjusting well with this new system, explore and learn about tips for parents for online learning and support your child.

The Specifics for Online School

With online school you will need more than just table, chair, pencil, and
paper. You will need a digital device connected to the internet. Ideally this
device will be either a laptop or desktop computer. Tablets and smartphones
are less ideal. If you do not have a computer for your child to use check with
your school district to see about the computer resources they offer.

Your first step in preparing your child for online school is to determine what
their computer situation will be.

  • Will they be sharing your computer with you?
  • Will siblings share a computer?
  • Will your children each have their own computers?
  • Will they be borrowing a computer from school?

Your goal is to establish a set up that makes it easy for your child to access
the stuff they need for school without getting it muddled with everything
else. You also need a reasonable way to monitor them and help them as
they do their work.

The Basic Elements of Online School

Tips for Parents for Online Leaning:

Online learning has now become a necessity, if you or child is struggling with this new education set-up, then read this article to know how to help your child with online school.

The idea of online school is new and many parents as well as students are struggling hard. Here we are sharing some basic tips for parents focusing how to help your child with online school.

1. Online school will start with your child’s computer screen (the desktop)
and its controls. When your child turns on the computer, they should
be able to open what they need quickly. Having everything in an easy
to find and consistent location on the computer screen will enable you
to actually say “Go do your schoolwork” and have them be able to get
started on their own.

2. The primary tool they will use within the computer will be a browser
(The program that navigates the internet). The most common
browsers I work with are Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox. We will
need to determine which browser you want them to use and how to
set it up.

3. The other tool they will use will be the video conferencing program.
Common options are Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and your
child’s school will let you know which one they will use.

You Get to Choose the Browser Your Child Will Use

Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Firefox? You are busy, you have better things to do
than figure out which browser to use.

For this adventure I recommend Chrome. It is the only one that is able to
reliably do ALL the things I will recommend. We can compare browsers later,
for now let’s just use Chrome and get this done.

By its very nature online school will use several websites and other online
tools that can be organized within the features of Chrome. There are a few
settings you may need to adjust to take full advantage of what Chrome can
do for you.

You will gain the most benefit by associating your browser with a browser
profile account. For Chrome this means a Gmail account. Every Gmail
account has a Chrome browser profile attached to it whether you use it or

This means that your first order of business for your child is to set up
individual Gmail accounts for each of them. Yes, each child needs their own
Gmail account, an account you will be able to monitor. This Gmail account
can follow them through life. It is free and will not be automatically
deactivated when they leave school or if you change internet service

Establish Your Child’s Chrome Account

One of the marvelous things about the Chrome Browser is that it allows you
to have multiple browser profiles open at the same time. This means that
while you are at your own computer you will be able to log into your child’s
browser account and organize their favorites, passwords, and review their
history even if they are using a different computer. If you share a computer,
this will allow them to open their own browser profile and not mess up your
stuff. Kids?! Right!

Take a look at the Chrome dashboard. Currently* in the upper right corner
of the dashboard. Is the mini profile icon of your browser account. It is often
the same profile icon as your Gmail account, but smaller. Click on that mini
profile icon.

This will open the option to add or create an account. Go through the steps
of entering your information and be sure to allow the data to sync at the
end. You may need to reconnect the sync from time to time. When your mini
profile icon says “paused” it is time to re-sync. Click on the icon to login
again to reconnect it.

If you are all on the same computer, you can still keep everything separate.
Notice that when you click on your mini profile icon you will see a list of the
other Chrome accounts you have access to. When you choose another
Chrome account it will open in a separate browser window that will contain
the favorites and settings associated with that account.

Take a tour of the settings in Chrome

Sometimes Chrome defaults to the settings you like and sometimes you
need to adjust them. Let’s take a look at some of the important settings in

Currently* settings are found in the upper right corner of the dashboard next
to your mini Chrome profile. When available they will be represented by 3

If the 3 dots are missing, you will need to do some Chrome maintenance.
Click on whatever is there and follow the instructions. Enable or disable
extensions (orange) or update Chrome (Green or Red). This maintenance
may log you out of things.

Eventually, you will see the 3 dots.

Turn On Your Bookmarks Bar
This bar will live within the dashboard of your browser and you will be able
to organize all the different websites involved in your child’s school where
they can be found easily.
Chrome —>  Show Bookmarks Bar  Bookmarks  3 Dots

Review The Password Manager Within Chrome*
Chrome has the ability to capture log in and password information within it’s
system, making it easy to successfully log in to all the various sites your
child may need. You are also able to view these passwords in the Chrome
Chrome —>  Passwords  Settings  3 Dots

Check Out The History
Occasionally you will need to clear out the cookies and cache of your child’s
browser to keep everything running smoothly. Make this a regular task and
include a quick look at your child’s history list to make sure they are on
Chrome —>  Clear Browsing Data  History  History  3 Dots

How to Get Your Kids Computer Ready for Online School
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Let’s Optimize the Browser

Now that your browser is identified, and your child’s Chrome account is set
up we can get to the fun stuff. As a parent/guardian you have most likely
been given a ton of resources (links to websites) of all the things that will
help you and your child navigate this online school thing. It is time to go find
these things and set them up.

Let’s start with the first resource.

Login And Passwords
The best resource to choose first is the the website that your child will use
as their primary log in. Visit that site and go through the process of logging
in. If you already know the log in credentials, then let the Chrome browser
save the information. If you turned on the save passwords feature in
settings it will ask if you want to save this information. You can say ok.

Note: If this is your first-time logging in you may need to establish a new
password. Do not let your password manager save your password until you
are satisfied with what you plan to use. Just tell it “not now” if it tries to
save it before you are ready. The login information in the Google password
vault cannot be edited. To fix wrong or changed passwords you may need to
delete the entry and let it save a new one. You can also choose a different
password manager like Lastpass or 1Password to keep passwords organized
and secure.

Bookmarks And The Bookmark Bar
Once you are safely logged on you can save this site to the “Bookmark bar”.
Click the star in the Chrome dashboard and it will automatically save it to
the last location you used. If this is not your “Bookmark Bar” you will need
to set it.

Once you have this first site set up, the rest is easy.

As you work you will notice that the entries will span across the bookmark
bar. Eventually, your bookmark bar will fill up and the entries will “fall off the
edge”. When this happens, you are ready to bookmark bar folders. Using
bookmark folders will exponentially expand your bookmark bar way beyond
anything your child will ever need.

[Bookmark Bar Image]

Now for Some Power Organizing with Bookmark Folders

When you have bookmarked each of the web pages important to your child’s
learning you can determine if they are limited enough to span the toolbar
and still be easily seen and accessible to your child or if further organization
is necessary. If any of the bookmarks “falls off” the bar then we will need to
create folders.

Here are a few folder organization ideas. Use the ones that resonate.

Don’t get too complicated, it can be as simple as

  • School – classroom portal, assignment lists, school dashboards,
    homework download pages.
  • Fun – for games and personal Interests

Or more complicated like

  • School
    o Math
    o English
    o Science
  • Research
    o Sports
    o News
  • Hobbies
  • Fun

As your child progresses, categories will become clearer. Add them as you

Often you will need a website that is comprised of several links to other
pages. It is ok to bookmark just the main page. It is also ok to bookmark a
few of the pages your child needs to visit regularly.

Regularly Monitor Your Child’s Chrome Account

The virtual world provides uncontrolled exposure to children. Keeping track of your children’s online activity is for their good. Even if you are busy you have to keep in mind that your child’s safety and concern are the utmost. The tips for parents for online learning is not all about the way children study, but it focuses on their well being as well. Here are some truth that one cannot deny as a parents:

  • You are busy.
  • It is not reasonable to monitor your child’s internet activity 100
    percent of the time.
  • You are the best authority on how much (or how little) supervision
    your child needs.
  • Here are the things you can evaluate regularly. (You decide what
    regularly means – I generally consider it a week for this)

But keep in mind the monitoring should not create a wall of secrecy or lack of trust between you two. Read more: “How To Create New Relationships With Your Adult Children

Their bookmarks

Whether you teach them or the figure it out on their own your child may
create their own bookmarks. You have the opportunity to help them learn
sustainable organizational skills.

When bookmarks fall off the bar you can create folders. You can delete
duplicate or old bookmarks. You can show them how to maneuver their
bookmarks into folders.

The browser history

Your kids will get curious and will search for things, random things, weird
things. This is perfectly normal, and you can investigate their history to
remain aware of the things they are interested in and curious about. They
may find some really fun things for you to enjoy together.

Clear cookies and cache

When the browser cache is full the internet misbehaves. “Clearing cache” is
one of the most useful troubleshooting techniques out there. Just below
“turning it off and back on” again.

Your Child’s/Children’s Computer

Now that you have set up your child’s browser account you can load it onto
the computer they will use (open Chrome and log in) This may be your
computer, or it may be their computer. This is where the power of Chrome
accounts is most useful.

Your last step, if you choose, will be to add these Chrome accounts as icons
on your desktop or toolbar/dock.

If you are using a PC:
Chrome  3 Dots  Settings  Chrome Name and picture  Look for little
switch that says Add to Desktop. Once it is added to the desktop you can
drag it to your toolbar, Rt. Click the icon and pin it.

If you are using a MAC: Chrome  Open the best starting webpage page  3
Dots  more tools  Create Shortcut  When the window with the icon
appears you can drag it to your Dock, Rt. Click the icon and check the option
to “Keep it in Dock”.

Good Luck

This change in the way our children are learning is monumental. We can
decide to view it as devastating and fight it with our words, emotions, and
energy, or we can embrace it as new learning and use it to encourage
learning in our children. Don’t be afraid to try new things and don’t let your
technology bully you.

For more tips and ideas on how to make your digital office behave play the
Rescue My Digital Office Game from Luxcentric.

See you around the internet,

*Note: The “how-to” of anything in technology is subject to change and
would likely be out of date as soon as I hit “publish” on this blog. You can
use the information I have provides as clues to get it done.

Also Read : How To Create New Relationships With Your Adult Children

Nicole Lux-Ritchie

Nicole Lux-Ritchie


Nicole Lux-Ritchie


It all began when my grandmother asked me to help her learn how to use the computer. She was 80 at the time and it is because of her (In a variety of ways) that I am doing what I can to help anyone, no matter their technological skill, get control of their technology situation. She encouraged me to share my ability to take complex topics and break them down into simple steps and normal language.

My mission now is to help professionals gain the technical skills they need to grow their business and focus on their vision. Luxcentric is dedicated to training, using practical strategies, in the area of the core technologies. Email - Files - Calendars - Contacts

Don’t let your Technology Bully You!

Please check out the great conversations I have been having in the Fave Lifestyles group. Fave Lifestyles Posts with Nicole 


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The Importance of Stretching as You Age

The Importance of Stretching as You Age

Fave Lifestyles

As we age, we lose flexibility – especially if we’re not exercising. Staying in motion and flexible is key to a healthy, aging body. Stretching is an essential part of any fitness equation because it keeps your muscles ready to move. If you’re older than 30, you’ve been losing flexibility an average of 1% a year. Read on to learn why is stretching important.

Why is stretching important

Don’t let muscle stiffness and movement rigidity kill your mobility. Keep your muscle healthy, flexible, and strong with stretching. This is the reason doctors emphasize the importance of stretching.Regular stretching regulates the blood flow in different parts of the body and it provides immense benefit to the body. As we age our body starts losing its agility, to slow down the effect of aging on your muscles. Read more post: How to Meet Fitness Goals the Second Half of the Year.

Importance Of Stretching:

Stretching can help your body in many ways, but here we are mentioning some top health-related problems that can be managed by regular stretching.

Lack of Flexibility:

Being inflexible doesn’t just age you, it can lead to health issues including balance problems which can cause falls, poor posture, limited range of motion, and tight muscles that contribute to back pain or difficulty performing simple tasks. As we grow older, it’s critical to be concerned about balance and flexibility to avoid potentially dangerous falls. Many health professionals and fitness experts have explained the importance of stretching time and again.

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends that “stretching activities be done at least two days per week. If you have lost some joint motion or feel stiff, range of motion or stretching activities should be done daily.”

ACSM recommends that a stretch should produce a slight pull on the muscle but not to the point of pain. With a static stretch, hold that position for 15-30 seconds, and each stretch should be repeated 3-5 times on each side of the body.


The Importance of Stretching as You Age

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Here are four stretches ACSM* recommends. As always, you should consult your doctor before starting any type of activity.

Hamstrings. Sit on the ground with legs straight in front of you. Gently lean forward from the hips (try to keep the back reasonably straight) until a stretch is felt on the back of the thighs.

Hip Flexors. Stand on one foot, and bring the other foot to the buttocks. Pull back gently, while keeping your knee pointed at the ground and your hip straight. If needed, hold onto a counter or chair to keep your balance.

Calves. Step forward with one leg. Shift your weight toward the front leg while keeping the back heel on the ground. If you press the hip of your back leg forward, this will also help stretch the hip flexors.

Chest Muscles. Standing in a corner, bring hands up to shoulder height and place against the wall on either side. Keeping hands in position, lean body forward until a stretch is felt in the front of the chest.

This can also be done using a doorway, turning away from the hand that is on the wall

*DIY: Improving Your Flexibility and Balance (Information from ACSM Fit Society, Winter 2012—Article written by Lynn Miller, PT, Ph.D., FACSM

Additional Senior Exercises:

Now you know why stretching is important, here are Some other exercises that you can incorporate along with stretching to stay fit as you age. Here are five activities to consider:


Water therapy

Tai chi



Kelly Fennelly

Kelly Fennelly

Kelly Fennelly
Owner, Kelly Fennelly Fitness


Kelly Fennelly

Kelly Fennelly has been a professional in the fitness industry for more than 20 years. She design and implement Wellness Programs for clients. Along with her passion for Wellness & Fitness, she has a passion for supporting local non-profits and contributing to our community. 


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