4 Ways to Grow with Facebook Ads
Have you ever wondered how a Facebook or Instagram advertising campaign can grow our business?
Do you have an email list, social media account or podcast you’d like to grow but doing so organically is taking a little longer than you’d like?
In this article, I’m going to walk you through 4 ways Facebook Ads can help grow your business quickly.
First, let’s talk about marketing funnels as this is the framework I want you to visualize as we continue.
Are you a martini drinker? Think about a martini glass as your funnel. The top is wide and broad, allowing for new leads to pour in. It’s at the top of your funnel, you’re finding out what your target market likes. Using this analogy, do they like Gin or Vodka. Dry or with a twist?
You get the idea.
Facebook ads allow us to broadcast our message at the top of our funnel, so we can find out what our ideal client wants and how best we can communicate the value of our services. It’s a great way to test your market and your offers.
Let’s dive into the 4 ways Facebook ads can grow your business.

Growing Your Email List

 This is one of the most common ways to use Facebook ads to grow your business. My clients have generated over 50,000 leads in just the past few years running campaigns to grow their lists.
However, these types of campaigns require more than just asking people if they want to join your newsletter.
With this funnel, we want to give something away for free in exchange for their email address. This would be your juicy lead magnet that gives them a quick win and is aligned with what you sell.
Here’s the flow of this funnel:
Ideal clients see ad for juicy lead magnet and clicks >>> lands on opt in page and enters email >>> gets redirected to a ‘thank you’ page and receives lead magnet in email
And you’ve now got a new subscriber! If your ad budget is $500/per month, you can expect 150-250 new email subscribers each month!

Growing Your Calendar Bookings

Now, just like in the previous example, we want to provide a lead magnet that your ideal client wants. In my experience, ads straight to a calendar booking are typically expensive and lead to low quality, no-show leads.
Your calendar is a precious part of your business, and giving the link to every Tom, Dick and Harry won’t give you the cream-of-the-crop clients.
Let’s talk about the ‘thank you’ page I mentioned in the previous flow.
This part of your campaign is one of the most important pieces to successfully growing with ads.
I’ve used thank you pages to upsell, book calls, send to social media, etc. Never underestimate the power of the ‘thank you’ page!
Here is the flow of the calendar booking funnel:
Ideal client sees juicy lead magnet and clicks >>> lands on opt in page and enters email>>> gets redirected to a thank you page and also receives the lead magnet in their email >>> watches video on the thank you page inviting them to book a call >>> they click on calendar invite and book a call
What we’ve done here is add a video of you inviting them to book a call with you. In some cases you can embed your calendar service (i.e. Acuity or Calendly) right on the page for them to book.
You’ve also added this person to your email list! So you can email them anytime if they don’t book on the thank you page.

4 Ways to Grow with Facebook Ads
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Growing Your Podcast Downloads

Do you have a podcast and want more listeners? Ads can help grow your list and your downloads.
What one of my clients did was put together a juicy lead magnet of 5 podcast episodes with a common theme. For you it might be, mindset secrets, manifestation hacks, love your life, etc.
Create a lead magnet that gets auto-delivered as soon as someone subscribes. Inside, it has all 5 episodes with links out to listen.
Then, on the thank you page, you invite them to listen to Episode #1 to get to know you and your why behind your podcast.
Here’s is what this funnel flow looks like:
Ideal clients sees podcast lead magnet ad and clicks >>> lands on opt in page and enters details >>> gets redirected to thank you page with invite to listen to Episode #1while lead magnet gets delivered to their email

Growing Your Social Media or Facebook Group

Since we don’t own our followers on Instagram or any social media, it’s important to curate those emails because you do own those.
This is why I never suggest running a ‘like’ campaign. Again, we don’t own those Page Likes, so it’s like putting money in your martini glass, pouring Gin inside and lighting it on fire.
But there is a natural side-effect that occurs when we run lead magnet ads like we’ve been talking about in these funnel flows.
Again, that thank you page comes in handy here. I tripled my Facebook Group members by running a lead magnet campaign and inviting them to join my group right on the thank you page.
Couldn’t be easier.
Running a campaign directly to a group doesn’t work as well and is more expensive(plus, you don’t get that coveted email).
Here’s the funnel flow for group and socials:

Juicy lead magnet ad gets clicked >>> person opts in >>> gets invited to join one social media platform or Facebook group

The beauty of this flow is that you can change the thank you page each week to grow another social media platform if you want to.
Ok…there you have it. Four ways to grow your business with Facebook Ads. If you want to know what you’ll need to run a successful lead generation campaign, download my free ​Facebook Ad Primer here.
And let me know, which funnel flow will you focus on to grow your business?
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