5 Tips for Hosting A Perfect Outdoor Dinner Party

Summer is in full swing and nothing is more summer-y than an outdoor dinner party. Balmy temperatures and late twilight make your backyard the perfect place to enjoy your summer evenings. When throwing an outdoor dinner party there are key components to take into account for maximum guest comfort and enjoyment.

Shade & Lighting

An outdoor dinner party means that you might start with the sun in the sky and end in the dark. Make sure that you think of guest’s comfort in the direct sun and the lighting needed once the sun goes down. Patio umbrellas and pergolas are perfect for shade when the sun is high. For lighting think of café lights and candle light on the table to keep it cozy and keep people around the table long after dark.

Comfort Items

 When dining outdoors you may start in the full sun of the afternoon and end in the cool darkness of night. Think of the change in temperature throughout the party and have comfort items available. Fans, light blankets and shawls are a great way to keep people comfortable and keep the party going.


Set the tone of the party with music! Even though you are outside music makes people feel like they are at a proper party. A simple blue tooth speaker connected to a phone is all you need. Create a playlist in advance filled with songs that will keep your party lively.

Table Décor

When decorating your table simple is key. Since you are dining outdoors you want to keep things low and wind proof. Low centerpieces, napkins weighed down with a napkin ring and candles in votives will ensure that even if you have wind blowing through your table décor will stay in place.


Finally, nothing ruins a dinner party more quickly than bugs. Think of adding citronella torches around the perimeter to keep mosquitos away. You can also have some repellent handy for guests to use as needed.

An outdoor dinner party is a great way to celebrate any summer holiday, or simply entertain your friends in your home. Follow these tips to create an exceptional experience that your guests will remember well into the winter months.

5 Tips for Hosting A Perfect Outdoor Dinner Party
Karen Rae

Karen Rae

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