5 Ways to Prepare for an Empty Nest

If you your last child is getting ready to leave home you might be experiencing some empty nest anxiety. You know that you have this big change coming up and it can be easy to focus on the negative aspects of having your last child leave home, but we have five way to not only prepare but get excited about this new chapter of your life.

Take on a New Challenge
Getting involved in something new and stimulating will not only give you something to focus on after your child leaves, but it will also help build your community. A new activity, sport, or church group can give you some new purpose and excitement in your life.

Nurture Your Friendships
As parents we often have to put our personal relationships on the backburner in favor of our parenting responsibilities. As you approach your empty nest, make sure you are reconnecting and nurturing your friendships. These friends will help you bridge the gap of being sad about your child leaving to being excited about the new adventures on the horizon.

Prepare an Empty Nest Bucket List
Get excited about the free time you are about to have! You can do this by making an empty nest bucket list. This is a list of all the things you want to do now that you have an empty house and less responsibilities to your children. By listing out all of the experiences you want to have you can get yourself excited about your upcoming free time!

Prepare Your Child
A lot of times the nervousness and anxiety felt around having an empty nest is really just worry that your child is not prepared to be out on their own. Spend some time making sure that your child is ready to be on their own. From the mundane tasks of laundry to the more complicated of setting up a bank account, make sure they are ready to tackle the adult world.

Avoid Other Big Changes
Having a child leave for college is a HUGE change in your life, it is wise to avoid other big changes at the same time. Changing jobs, selling your home or changing your relationship status are all things that can be put on hold for a while as you settle into your new empty nest.

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