6 Ways to Refresh Your Master Bedroom

The start of a new year always inspires change and rejuvenation in people. For some, it is personal development or fitness like a new workout, for other home organization or renovation. If you are looking for some change in your home, but don’t want to do anything major, here are six simple ways to refresh the look of your master bedroom.

Floor Covering
Adding an area rug to the room adds visual interest and can bring new colors to the space. It is a much easier switch than replacing your flooring and you can do it as often as you would like!

Change Up Your Bed Frame
If you are crafty you could paint your existing bed frame a fun new color or refinish it in a new stain. If you are not up for an art project you could simply buy a new frame. Sine the bed is the focal point of the bedroom a new look changes up the entire room.

Fresh Paint or Accent Wall
The quickest way to make a change in any room is paint. It is simple and has a big impact. There are so many ways to use paint that the opportunities are endless! Stenciling, creating a vibrant accent wall or even adding shimmer to the paint can be like creating an entirely new look for your room.

Light Fixture or Chandelier
Changing out the ceiling fixture for a more daring and dramatic fixture or chandelier immediately elevate the design quality of your bedroom. You can create visual interest that brings the eye up. Since there are so many types of fixtures you can go romantic, modern, retro, the options go on and on.

Wall Paper
Wallpaper has come a long way since the days of heavy floral patterns. You can get modern and elegant designs, shimmery colors and unexpected patterns. Wallpaper has the same impact as paint, you can cover large areas and it has a big impact. A wallpaper accent wall is a pretty addition you can make to see if you like it before you cover the entire room.

Window Coverings
A very easy change to any room is updating the window coverings. You can make a big impact with new curtains, blinds, and hardware. You can be really creative with color, texture, and patterns and it gives a whole new look to your windows and bedroom.
No matter how big or small you want to go with your bedroom refresh, there are lots of things that you can do that can be DIY or hire them out. Either way, a master bedroom should be a relaxing retreat from the world, so make sure it is something you love!

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