8 Blogs for Midlife Women

We LOVE finding other blogs and websites serving women in their midlife years. We have scoured the internet and gathered eight blogs that we love! Covering topics from fitness, parenting adult children, menopause and fashion. These sites are full of great articles we think you will love!

A Well Styled Life

Since 2012, Jennifer Connolly has been helping women over 40 be their confident, stylish, best selves through her blog, A Well Styled Life. A certified personal stylist and image consultant with decades of experience in wardrobe styling and beauty, Jennifer helps her readers navigate new trends and timeless truths – providing ready-to-wear ideas for every budget and accessible, honest lifestyle advice with a focus on self-care, nourishment, and wellness.

Viva Fifty

Viva Fifty is a bilingual and multicultural community that celebrates life and the joy that midlife can entail. Writers, bloggers and readers alike share their stories and ideas on how to live life to the fullest, because fifty is not the new thirty. Fifty is the new fifty. And life at fifty plus is grand!

Fab & Fifty

Redefining how we women over 50 see ourselves- and how we are viewed by others. We are changing perceptions of women over 50. Let’s laugh together, cry together, inspire each other, but most of all be fabulous together. With one in seven women turning 50 this year likely to live to be 100, let’s live our next half century to the full.

Ageless after 50

An Ageless Body isn’t about being skinny, being about to leap tall buildings in a single bound or outrun your grandkids. It’s about living and loving life and being your healthiest, fittest and happiest YOU.

Sizzling Toward 60

If you are struggling with the ’empty nest’, not sure of your direction in life or you need feel healthier and more active, then I’m here to help. The website will provide resources to enable you to be inspired and motivated to live your best version of YOU.

Chic at Any Age

Chic At Any Age is a fashion resource for women over 50 who want to learn more about style, fashion and what will suit them as mature women.  If you want to continue to look good and have fun with fashion you have come to the right place.

Cresting the Hill

There’s so much more to Midlife than having a crisis, or being in menopause, or crying over an empty nest. It’s time to focus on freedom, re-discovery, and becoming the best version of ourselves. 

Over 50 Feeling 40

The mission of Over 50 Feeling 40 is to inspire women over 50 to look and feel their best, to strive to be women of strength and dignity and to enjoy every single day of life, one day at a time.

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Karen Rae

Karen Rae

Owner, Fave Lifestyles


Karen Rae

I was becoming an empty nester, a woman of a more interesting age and in transition. Sound familiar? I was at that place where we question our purpose, value, and worth and what in the world are we going to do with the rest of our lives.

I noticed women have a huge hunger to belong to a community of women where they can feel safe, share openly from their heart and have other women to do life with! This is why I created my Fave Lifestyles.

Fave is for the woman who wants to call Fave her community of women who support, uplift, and make her feel better about herself. I want to create a place where we help her answer life's questions and just do life together!

Let's Do Life Together at Fave Lifestyles

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