9 Ways to Get Your Fitness Groove Back

Most of us reach a point in life when we have fallen off the fitness wagon. Work, family and all the other responsibilities of life have derailed our regular sweat sessions and our activity levels plummets. When that happens, it can be hard to get back into the groove, here are nine tips to ease back into a healthy fitness routine.

Find Community
The best way to stick to a new routine is to build in some accountability. By joining a fitness class or setting up walks with a friend you create an environment where people will miss you if you do not show up. Also, it is much more fun to combine fitness with socializing and bonding with friends.

Set a Low Bar to Start
When you decide to get back into a fitness routine you should set your goals to be VERY attainable. If you say I am going to run a marathon in 3 months and you are beginner runner you will fall short and disappoint yourself. Start with micro goals and build on your successes. It will keep you motivated and moving forward.

Get Over Perceived Judgement
Many of us feel self-conscious getting back to the gym or joining a team if we feel out of shape. The truth is that most people are not paying any attention to you. All the judgement you feel is in your head. So, pull on your workout clothes and get to it, no one cares if you are only able to walk 2MPH on the treadmill, they are busy with their own routine and not paying any attention to yours.

Replace Workouts with Sport
One of the great things about being a kid was that there were opportunities to participate in team sports. You could be active and have fun with your friends at the same time and it kept you motivated. If you are a team player find some adult sports clubs in your area and join up. Not only do you get activity, but you get built in accountability from your team mates.

Ditch the Gym
Is the gym the last place you want to set foot? There is no rule that you have to work out at a gym. Walking, biking, hiking, swimming, the list of non-gym activities goes on and on, find something you love and get to work!

Get a Trainer
Hiring a fitness professional can be a real kick to get you in gear. They can help you set up a fitness routine to reach your goals and provide accountability throughout your fitness journey.

Buy New Workout Clothes
It really does not matter what you wear to exercise, but a cute new workout wardrobe doesn’t hurt! Find clothes that are comfy, flattering and good for your chosen activity. Only allow yourself to wear those clothes when you are working out and enjoy your cute look!

Get Enough Sleep
If you wake up tired you will not give 100% to your workout. If you are always tired you will always find a reason to skip your work out. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep so that you are energized to break a sweat. Also, once you start exercising you will sleep better and have more energy for all your daily activities.

Have a Backup Plan
Always have a plan b for your workout plan. If you plan to go to the gym at 6pm, but get delayed at work it is easy to skip your workout. If you have something you can do at home in the event you don’t make the gym it will be harder to miss a day and you keep your momentum going.

Fave Lifestyles Doing life together

No matter where you are in your fitness journey the key is just to start and be consistent. Before you know it, you will have a whole new routine that you cannot imagine living without.

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