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Clients want to know where to start when they are looking at moving or downsizing in the next year or sooner.  A good question for each of us to ask ourselves is, if there was a serious need to move to a new residence, could the current home be listed for sale in 30 days?  If not, then it is time to get to work and get to that place and be ready.  Life has a way of throwing surprises at us that cause a move and it can be stressful to say the least.  Regardless your age or circumstance, having your home ready to list in 30 days is a smart way to live.  Why let the baggage that accumulated stuff over time with families and hobbies and recreation to pile up and cause chaos which impacts our overall health?

 For the men, I suggest we see how much paint they have in the garage or shop.  If they have several or many cans, then we talk about starting there.  That is one way to get the process moving.  For the women we often start with the closets.  It is time to get serious and real about what fits; consider how long is has been in the closet and when was it worn last?  Asking if is still within the realm of possibility that the clothing will fit again is key to keeping it or letting go. One client found maternity clothes she had not worn in 24 years.

From there we do a walk through the entire home and identify what would be taken to the next residence.  All the closets and drawers are sorted through for what is still needed and used and worthy of keeping and taking up space.  Fortunately for those of us in the Puget Sound area, we have the Big Blue truck.  They will pick up at the curb up to 30 bags and boxes of items to be donated.  It just takes scheduling them to pick up on the day of the week they are in the neighborhood. 

Keep asking yourself if you could list in 30 days and what would you need to do to be ready?  Is there a garage to finally declutter or a storage unit that with monthly payments?   Is there an old car sitting on the property?  Are there games that no one plays any longer?  Is there recreational equipment that is no longer used?  What about musical instruments that could be passed along?

Think seriously about donating every item no longer needed or used to a thrift store that aligns with your heart. When an item you donate is sold it supports a mission that moves your heart.  That way you want to keep giving items no longer needed or used in your home along to someone that needs and wants what was once stored in your home.  Be generous, be a blessing in your community, in the world.

Elisa (Lisa) Hawkinson

Elisa (Lisa) Hawkinson

Elisa Hawkinson
Professional Organizer | Author Calming Your Chaos | Leader of the Smooth Organizer Community


Elisa (Lisa) Hawkinson



Since 2000 Elisa (Lisa) Hawkinson, author of Calming Your Chaos, has been teaching and training businesses and individuals to support anyone who is not naturally organized on a consistent basis to be just that. Her HOW2GetOrganized seminars, workshops, and speaking along with hands-on coaching and coaching by phone has evolved from her natural genetic bent for order. Efficiency, calm, productivity and profitability are increased with the help of HOW2 and Elisa.


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