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Aga Winnicka

As many of you have seen me "in Action" in various places, situations and events how men circle around me, flirt and ask me out on a daily basis (profess their love and even propose to me in short period of time! No joke) I am constantly being asked "How do you do it Aga?!"

Here's your chance to learn it. I will be sharing stories, anecdotes and my wisdom here. You are welcome to ask questions, share your thoughts, comment on my posts, start a discussion and challenge me from time to time. 🙂


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A Conversation with Aga Winnicka

Fireside Chat, A Conversation with Aga Winnicka Aga Winnicka, creator of Commitment Academy is a relationship and communication coach for women. She has done extensive research on relationship patterns and how human behavior can impact every relationship...

Let’s Talk Relationships

It makes sense that we are attracted to what we know in relationships. There’s a sense of comfort in familiarity. Even when it’s painful. I lived my life in painful relationships for a long time. Our world and the way we view it is shaped by how we view...

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