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When you read this title, how does it make you feel? Do you feel skeptical, frightened, confused, hesitant or anxious? Or do you feel empowered, excited, assured, eager, at ease? Maybe you feel variations of all the aforementioned.  Regardless of how much you adopt this premise, you are contributing to your future by your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, choices and actions, whether deliberate or not. And therein lies the key; how deliberate, purposeful and intentional are you?

The Keys to Conscious Creation

I first heard this quote from one of my favorite authors, Maia Toll and it’s one of my daily guideposts; “Energy follows intention”. Beginning with purposeful intention is a key component to consciously creating our reality. It takes deliberate attention of our thoughts, feelings and actions, yet there could be times that our desires are so strong, that the focus is on what’s lacking.

Therefore, the sister to intention is appreciation. The feeling of appreciation can shift our perspective. Appreciation provides observation of what does exist, which fuels intention and builds confidence in actualizing our desires.

How to Build Confidence in Creating Our Desires

Go on a “rampage” as taught by Esther Hicks. I recommend playing some favorite upbeat music and writing everything you appreciate for 5 minutes. Set your timer and GO! Have fun with this. It’s ok to pause and let your mind wander, then bring your consciousness back around to more of what you appreciate. This could be as simple as how you enjoyed the cup of coffee you drank this morning to playing with your pet. Don’t discount anything – there is usually more to be appreciative of since people generally take much of their lives for granted.

Then reflect on your list and acknowledge everything you created within your life. If you can experience a good cup of Joe and be blessed to have a pet to enjoy. Yet, there is probably so much more you can reflect on which you’ve manifested or co-created with Life itself. Confidence builds upon acknowledging your successes, even with many failures in achieving them. It’s like building a muscle; the more times you lift a heavy enough weight the stronger you become.

The Mercury Comet Manifestation

When I was 9 years old, my mom and I visited a friend of hers who, out of respect, I referred to as “Aunt Sue”. When we arrived, Aunt Sue took us for a ride in her new car which only had two front doors. I remember thinking, “where am I going to sit?”. Then with a flip of a lever, the front seat popped forward and I could see my place. I climbed into the small space, spun around and slipped onto the leather seat.

As I looked around the interior, I liked what I saw! It was sooo cool to me. I bellowed from the back seat, “What kind of car is this?”. Even though I didn’t know much about make and models at that age, I locked into the response “this is a Mercury Comet sweetheart”. I distinctly remember thinking; “when I grow up and can drive, I’m going to get one of these cars”! And then I never thought about it again.

Be a Conscious Creator of Your Own Reality
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Why letting go is important

When we hold on too tightly to what we want, when we try to make what we want to happen, when we keep asking, the conscious and subconscious mind are saying; “I don’t believe, I don’t trust, I better ask more just in case my desires weren’t heard”, and on and on. The inner message given repeatedly is I don’t believe. Not just believing with from your head but believing from all your heart.

Remember the Mercury Comet I discovered when I was 9 years old. I declared that I would get one when I could drive. Guess the make and model of my first car?

When I turned 17, I had to drive to and from my part-time job, so my grandmother helped me make that first big purchase. We walked around the used car lot and the dealer said, “here is one that fits your budget”. It was a red 2 door Mercury Comet. I LOVED that car, yet it was nearly 20 years later that I recalled the declaration I had made when I was only 9 years old, not knowing anything about being a conscious creator. In many ways, this manifestation occurred because I didn’t dwell on it.

One of my spiritual teachers told me, “say your prayer, and when you’ve finished, thank the powers to be for answering your prayer for the highest and greatest good for all concerned”.

What’s the difference between Intention and Purpose?

Think of purpose being the energy that fuels intention. You can intend for a smooth ride to the office as you breeze through green lights and land the perfect parking spot, but why? You can train for a half marathon, experience the race, and maybe shave minutes off your time, but why? What’s the purpose? You can intend to invest in law school, study and pass the bar exam, but for what reason? What is the purpose behind or underneath any of your desires?

When you are clear why you want what you want, your purpose activates laser focus attention on your intention. You can also navigate the excuses or obstacles to believing you can have what you desire. Here’s a fun formula to remember this: Y > X meaning your whY is greater than your eXecuses.

“Begin each day as if it were on purpose.” – Kevin Bisch, screenwriter (“Hitch,” 2005)

How to find support

There is a plethora of books, videos, meet-ups, facebook groups, and maybe even a group of like-minded people you could gather to support one another.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Nate Guadagni began a LOA club that focuses on health, wealth, love and freedom. When I attend this bi-monthly online community, Nate provides some gentle movement to nourish our body, and then provides a different exploration into the Law of Attraction. You can learn more at LawofAttractionFreedom.com

Soul Coach, Michele Joy (yes, that is her last name) Law of Attraction in Action podcast

Of course, I mentioned Esther Hicks who interprets non-dimension group consciousness referred to as Abraham. Esther and her late husband, Jerry have authored numerous books, sharing their teachings in a variety of media.

Trust your own inner guidance. The right resource will show up because of your purpose and intention.

What if I don’t like what I’ve created in my life

This is common, whether we are aware of being a conscious creator or not. We all have things, people and situations throughout our lives of which we are not happy with. When you become aware of this, follow this process below:

  1. Appreciate that you became aware of what you don’t want.
  2. Forgive yourself and realize you made choices at the time based on the knowledge, understanding and awareness you had at that time. And so too, did others.
  3. Now that you have new knowledge, understanding and awareness, as well as a new desire based on what you don’t want, you can choose differently.
  4. Declare what you want and who you are becoming because of this declaration.
  5. Gather support, whether it be people, books, learning techniques or attending an event such as; BeWellRetreats.com, online and in person programs and classes to further your growth and well-being.
  6. Recognize all that you have created for yourself and your life. Celebrate this.

Enjoy the Ride of Your Life. You can’t do anything wrong. You are loved and cared for.

Barbara Badolati

Barbara Badolati

Coach | Motivational Speaker | Mentor


Barbara Badolati

Barbara Badolati, founder of BeWell Retreats has been a key player in the evolution of wellness since 1986. Her dedication to this field has included creating corporate wellness cultures, opening several yoga studios, providing health and life coaching for individuals, and leading worldwide retreats. The foundation of her work is to empower the individual toward greater health and well-being through lifestyle, mindset, movement and meditation. You can experience all of this and more through her virtual retreats and classes at BeWellRetreats.com


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