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We partner with exceptional businesses that share our values of inspiring and empowering women to live their best lives. We appreciate each and every partner’s contribution to Fave Lifestyles. 

Creating A Place for Your Business To Shine

Why Fave Lifestyles

Amplify Your Expertise With Fave

At Fave Lifestyles we strive to amplify the voices and expertise of community members who are passionate about their mission and can benefit from exposure to our active community of like-minded women.

The women who benefit the most from being a Fave expert are thought leaders in their industry. They have been in business for some time and are ready to amplify their expertise and reputation as a thought leader in a community filled with their target clients. They understand that the investment in joining the Fave Circle of Experts will help take their business to the next level.

Important Facts


Average Social Media Reach Per Month

6.35 Minutes

Average Time User Visits Website

SEO Ranking 97%

Average SEO Ranking for Fave Experts

Karen Rae

Are You Ready to Reach Your Ideal Client in 2021?

Do you publish amazing content and feel like you should be seeing more ROI for your efforts? Often, the reason entrepreneurs get frustrated with marketing is they do not speak to the perfect audience. Imagine being able to KNOW your fabulous content is landing right in front of your DREAM client? This is what being a Fave Expert means.


Reach an active audience of 2000+ inside our private community


Amplify your expertise in front of women who are looking for your services


Showcase your message overall Fave social media channels


Build Your Reputation as a Thought Leader and Influencer


Build relationships with other Fave Experts and our community

Our community of women is engaged and active! Experts who provide relevant content see high engagement and build trust with their ideal client. Wouldn’t it be nice to know your message is getting in front of the correct audience?


If you are thinking about joining Fave Lifestyles, just do it.   It’s a very special place where we can do life together.  You will be encouraged and empowered, and there is really nothing better. 

Deanna Nowadnick

Author | Speaker | Mentor, Fruit of My Spirit

How To Work With Fave


Expert and/or Advertiser

Choose the best fit for your business!  Amplify your message and create a connection with your target market.


Welcome To Fave

We welcome you into Fave and guide you through our easy process so you can connect fast and authentically! 


Learn, Grow, and Thrive!

Build and grow a solid business with our Circle of Experts. Attend master trainings, support, fun, and community. 

Karen Rae

How Fave Supports Our Experts

One of the unique features of our expert circle is that you get more than just being published on our website and social platforms. We strive to provide you with ongoing support that will maximize your success within the Fave community and beyond.


Ongoing Content Marketing Education in the Fave Circle of Experts


Submission of Your Content Other Online Platforms (Medium, Help A Reporter Out) to Increase Your Visibility


Continuing Promotion on all Fave Channels (Facebook, Private Facebook Group, Instagram, Pinterest)


Opportunity to Participate in Special Events, Contests, and Promotions Only Available to Fave Experts.


Monthly Fave Expert Circle Meetings to Connect and Network with Other Experts

We are constantly looking for new ways to support our experts. We are successful when you are successful, so it is important that all of our experts feel set up for success!

Our policy at Fave is that everyone who is a member of our expert team or advertises on the website needs to be the decision-maker in their business.  This means you have complete control over all branding, products/services, etc. 

If that is you – Join us today!

As Seen In


The challenge and opportunity to write articles is my favorite feature. Then the opportunity to present weekly at Fave Live! And being promoted by Karen Rae in her Lives!

Dani Green

Founder, Higher Path Healing

Fave has a wonderful range of women in all walks of life who are striving to be their best selves. I love the range of offerings from Fave. Something for everyone.

Nicole Lux-Ritchie

Founder, Luxcentric

I love the positivity and support of other women, especially those in the Fave Experts group and the new friendships I have made.

Jodi Schilling

Founder, Real Life Life Coach

The positive environment, ability to show my expertise from several different angles, connection to other experts and members

Laurie Carlson

Founder I Life Coach, Finding Spring Coaching

Expert Options


Advertising Options

Our Premier Resources

What’s L O V E… got to do with it?

Mitzi breaks down how LOVE affects your business and life and how you can help you clients own their space. How you can be your own Wonder Woman and decide how you want to show up in the world.

Connect Your Story to God’s Love

Deanna is an inspirational writer and motivational speaker who help women of faith connect their personal stories to larger lessons in life and faith. Although our stories may seem ordinary to us, Deanna helps her clients realize the importance of those stories to the bigger picture.

Forgiveness – How to get unstuck and thrive

Brenda Reiss, Author, Speaker and Forgiveness Coach, gives us 2 valuable questions to ask ourselves so we can get unstuck and have that life we desire.

Presented by:
Providencia Pond Retreat


Providencia Pond Retreat

Presented by:
Fruit Of My Spirit


Fruit Of My Spirit

Presented by:
Brenda Reiss


Brenda Reiss

Quick tips on maximizing your website

Do you wonder what should go on your web site? Danielle LaFleur 2 tips on how to maximize your web site to work for you.

Learn how to maximize your marketing through Pinterest

Amber is a Pinterest and email marketing specialist who works with the wedding industry and creative small businesses to maximize their Pinterest and email marketing efforts.

3 Tips on Party Planing!

Marcea Galindo and I’m the owner and lead coordinator of MG Event Design, an event planning company. In this 3 min video she gives us 3 essential tips for party planning!

Presented by:
Easy As Pie Design


Easy As Pie Design

Presented by:
Cheers Consulting Group



Cheers Consulting Group

Presented by:
MG Event Design

MG Event Design


Are You An Expert?

Do you share our vision of a community of women living their best lives? Do you believe that women are happiest when they have a community of like-minded women supporting, inspiring and empowering them? If so, we would love to have you as a resource!


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