Setting Goals For 2020

There’s a myth that after you turn 50, you need to resort to ‘grandma’ wear so that you “look your
age.” The thing is—today’s 50+ woman doesn’t have to have ANY look but her own. When it
comes to beauty and fashion rules for women over 50, the only rules you need to focus on are the
ones YOU want to make for yourself!

Retailers & Designers

Fashion designer Coco Chanel once said, “After 40, nobody is young,” she also added, “but one
can be irresistible at any age.”

That means that no matter your age, you’re a force to be reckoned with when it comes to beauty
and fashion! You most likely have more disposable income than your younger counterparts and
that means retailers that sells dresses for middle aged woman want to tap into your wants and needs.

Why is that? Mostly because there are a LOT of ladies 50 and over who are not interested in
buying into stereotypical grandma fashion. That means there is an interest in creating more
mature fashion for women over 50  that is on trend and appropriate while still being fun and youthful. Ipsos Public
Affairs partnered with McCann to publish The Truth About Canadian Women – Over 50: The
Untapped Opportunity. In the report, researchers decided that ‘older’ women are going to decide
more of everything and it’s worth it to retailers of middle age dress to figure them out. The same is said for American
women over 50, who are larger in population and with more money than their younger gal pals.

Middle-Age Means There’s Still Lots Of Life Left

No longer is the myth that ‘middle-age’ means you’re less active and less engaged in life! In fact,
researchers are finding out that’s a myth—and that women between 50-70 years-old are really
active and living full and robust lives. We’re buying new cars and homes and starting businesses
and new hobbies, and frankly, we’ve got a ton of stuff we’re planning on doing in the next 30-50

That includes beauty and fashion too! Middle-aged doesn’t mean polyester slacks with elastic
waists and crisp blouses that we press each morning. Nor does it mean we don’t wear the red
lipsticks and big sunglasses anymore either. Middle aged women can take current trends and
elevate them to their stage in life.

Finding Fabulous Fits

One fashion stereotype women over 50 are breaking is that clothing can’t be form-fitting and
sexy. No, our bodies are not necessarily the same as they were in our 20s and 30s, but baby,
we’ve come a long way! We’re eating healthier, exercising more and we know how important
keeping strong and stretching is to our longevity. We work hard for tone and muscle, and we
want to show it off too! There is no rule for our age-range now, because it’s all about dressing for
what WE feel good in. So much of what we wear depends on HOW we wear it, so don’t let the
old-school Sears catalog be your fashion go-to inspiration.

Fashion Tips For Women Over 50

Take this time of your life to invest in what you like and what fits well. If it doesn’t fit well? Find
a tailor to make it happen. Explore and read out some tips on 50s fashion for ladies in magazines.   Remember, you don’t have to have 30 different outfits in your
wardrobe. Find your style and pick a handful of essential pieces that match. Look for your kind of 50’s style shoes. Accessorize to make
the five blazers you have look different with each wear and invest in pieces you love.
If you love it, it’ll show when you’re wearing it, and a big smile is always the best accessory!

Be You, Be Beautiful

And while we’re talking about feeling good… remember, that’s what it’s all about…don’t fall for
the stereotypes that women over 50 need to have shorter hair and wear muted lipsticks. 50 is the
new 30, or so they say, and we’re inclined to agree when it comes to beauty and middle age fashion. If you
love leopard? Rock it. If red has always been your signature color on your lips and nails? Wear it
forever. Think those Vans your kids and their kids are wearing are cool? There’s NOTHING
stopping you from picking up a pair for yourself. Beauty and fashion rules are arbitrary and
outdated so don’t feel bound by them. You’re unique and you’re your own person. Own it!

When it comes to beauty and fashion for women over 50, don’t let the world tell you that age dictates anything
in either category. It all boils down to being the best you that you can be, and that often calls for
ignoring silly rules and norms. Trust us, though…when you do, you’ll feel amazing and look
incredible no matter what you’re wearing!

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Setting Goals For 2020
Karen Rae

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