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Feeling overwhelmed is exhausting and depressing. There is something hidden behind
feeling overwhelmed that needs revealing, right now! The truth is getting organized has
so many benefits that will help in getting out from under the overwhelm. One of the
great benefits is making better choices even in what we eat when being organized
surrounds us. Who knew mom was helping us make better choices in what we ate by
telling us to clean our room? And research has shown just that: Physical Order Produces
Healthy Choices, Generosity, and Conventionality, Whereas Disorder Produces Creativity.

Like the commercial says, “Wait, there are . . .” more benefits to being organized. Those
benefits won’t be found when curled up on a couch reading a book even though it feels,
that’s just one way to avoid clearing or cleaning up. Having a minimal amount of a
routine and system for keeping our home and life in order produces benefits beyond
helping our health. It is hard to imagine but picking up a pile of dirty clothes or clearing
countertop produce boosts in our energy. Being organized can relieve stress, boost energy.
And who does not want more energy? And nothing must be purchased!

Nearly every time I leave a client after working side-by-side, they later report to me they
kept working to clear after I left, their home felt so good to them. In anticipation of an
appointment it is also reported to me that energy kicks in to do some clearing. My
clients learn a system of arranging their things that makes sense to them and they want
to continue to work with the new system. The benefits of having order in their home
boosts better choices and gives them energy that translates to a more productive life.
Why would we want to deny ourselves the benefits of having order in our home in in our
daily life that amplifies productivity?

It is true it takes some effort and energy to get to the place of having order, but the
dividends are huge. Studies have shown families with more order in the home has less
stress, make better dietary choices and are more productive. Just think how cluttered
bedrooms interfere with restful restorative sleep which equates to more stress. Projects
left unfinished contribute to the induced stress. Would it be too much of a stretch to say
having order saves our

If you are convinced having more order in your home would be beneficial, would you
want to know how or where to start? Experts suggest starting with one room and have
a goal for that room. Maybe the kitchen is where you want to start. There is one helpful
resource ready for you with that at: How to Right-Size. By using the same principles for
the kitchen, the bathroom may be the place to begin. The goal is to have cleared off
countertops as much as possible for the space. Next, go through each drawer and limit
what is kept to what is used and needed every day.

Then go to the cabinet below the countertop and do the same; only keep what is used
and regularly needed. Once diapers were found in the cabinet under the sink that were
intended to be given away years ago. Time had passed and the children that used the
diapers were in junior high school! It is too easy to let the contents in drawers and
cabinets take up permanent residency. We created our own squatters living in our
homes without realizing it. Have a good laugh and remove the no longer needed items
and give them away if possible.

Let’s review the benefits of having order in our life and home: better dietary choices,
greater generosity, less stress, greater productivity, better sleep. The goal today is to
give you a boost to think about the benefits of being organized and give you some
direction to get started. The health of your entire family rests on the home having order
and having a system for maintaining it that everyone can contribute to and participate in
the regular habit of having order. Perfectionism is not the goal, that in itself induces stress, the goal if a sense of order that generates feelings of calm.

Today would be a good day to set the timer for 20 minutes to clear and let go of a few
things with no sentimental value to you as a starter exercise. You are welcome to text
me and report how that felt to you.

If you would like two free chapters of my book text me.

Elisa Hawkinson, author of Calming Your Chaos

Elisa (Lisa) Hawkinson

Elisa (Lisa) Hawkinson

Elisa Hawkinson
Professional Organizer | Author Calming Your Chaos | Leader of the Smooth Organizer Community


Elisa (Lisa) Hawkinson



Since 2000 Elisa (Lisa) Hawkinson, author of Calming Your Chaos, has been teaching and training businesses and individuals to support anyone who is not naturally organized on a consistent basis to be just that. Her HOW2GetOrganized seminars, workshops, and speaking along with hands-on coaching and coaching by phone has evolved from her natural genetic bent for order. Efficiency, calm, productivity and profitability are increased with the help of HOW2 and Elisa.



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