Self-Quiz: Are You “Too Busy”?

​Are you curious about self-awareness? Or do you feel like you have it down?

Some of us really like it and others not so much.

Yet, when we understand the benefits of self-awareness and how to become more self aware, that can be a game changer.

Here are some benefits of having self-awareness:

You know more about:
• Your values, strengths and weaknesses
• You understand your habits (good and not so good)
• You are more in acceptance of your “faults”
• You know your personality, thoughts and beliefs
• You know what motivates you

And this can bring more self-confidence and less comparison to others.

What are the benefits of self awareness?

When we have a better understanding of ourselves, we are more empowered to make
changes and improvements in our lives instead of feeling that we are being victimized by life.

What does it mean to be self aware?

When we become self-aware, we get to create the life we want because it helps us to
realize our passions and where our thoughts and emotions are taking us on our path.
This way we get to pivot at any point to make the changes we want to make.

What is the importance of self awareness?

Without self awareness, you are letting life happen TO you and not FOR you. This can
make us feel more victimized by life instead of being the heroine in our journey.

Self-awareness is considered a vital first step in taking control of our lives so we can
create what we want and master our future.

Brenda Reiss

Brenda Reiss

Forgivness Coach


Brenda Reiss

The author of “Forgive Yourself”, Brenda Reiss truly walks her talk. She discovered the power of self-forgiveness when a series of life events put her in a very dark place. Failed marriages, abuse, and severe health issues were just a few of the challenges she faced.

Determined to rewrite her story, Brenda sought answers – and found them in the concept of “radical forgiveness”.

What she learned changed her life forever.

Brenda is highly skilled at helping people find peace in their personal and professional lives. Coupling teachable techniques with forgiveness theory, this certified Radical Forgiveness© Master coach creates an environment which allows clients to release anger, shame, and guilt. The result? An opportunity to live with joy in the present and the future.


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