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Fave stories are the stories of our members and are told to inspire, uplift and give voice to everything we offer the world. Whether you need advice, guidance or empowerment you can find it in a Fave story.

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Your Best Self Stories

Our most recent and popular stories from being Your Best Self. Advice, resources, and inspiration to live your best life!



Energy WooWoo

When someone talks to you about their energy or that they are energetically sensitive do you (in your mind) roll your eyes and say “yea, right”? The truth is that we can truly light a light bulb with our energy system which is just another name for our nervous system....

I Can See Clearly Now!

Remember a time in your life when you were so excited for something to happen and you envisioned it in your mind, what it would be like? Maybe it was when you were a kid - you and your family were going to Disneyland, you could just see yourself standing there next to...

I Get So Emotional!

Emotions are the spice of life; they are so fun and can really make you feel alive! What happens though when the emotions or feelings we are experiencing are overwhelming and seem like they are taking over our lives, even to the point where we are not able...

What Was I Thinking?

Have you ever walked away from a mistake or situation and asked yourself, “What was I thinking?”. I am guessing you have because most of us have asked ourselves that question at one point or another. It turns out, that is the best question we could ask...

How to Begin Your Wonderful Life Again

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” I am a firm believer in this quote!  It is how I live my life. I love to try new things even though I am actually scared to death.  How do I accomplish this? I surround myself with positive people that...


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