Business Success Begins with You

The Success of Your Business Begins with You

How do you know if you are moving in the right direction to reach the level of success you desire in your business? In order to be successful, you must first define what success means to you. This comes from your ‘why’? Why are you doing what you do? What keeps you moving forward when things get tough; when you don’t make that sale you were counting on; when you aren’t sure you have enough money to cover your bills; when you question if you were crazy for starting your own business?

What does success mean to you?

To everyone, success is different. It is up to you to determine what success means for you individually – no one else can decide that for you. To one person success may be defined by the amount of money earned; to another, it may have to do with the time spent with family or the number of lives that are changes.

So many people look at success with the idea that it should come easily and when it doesn’t they get frustrated, upset and give up. They then tell themselves stories like they aren’t cut out for it, they don’t have the right luck, they weren’t destined for success, they weren’t meant to be wealthy, and so on…and when they see others with success they become envious and sometimes even spiteful. You have access to success; you have the ability to do great things with your life.  Success begins with a desire and a will followed by action. It is your individual responsibility to take action and take the steps necessary to create your success.

Here are four questions to ask yourself to determine whether or not you are on the right path to reach your desired success:  

What are your daily activities?

The choices you make every day, every hour, every minute, impact the results you receive. Do you plan ahead? Do you have a routine for continual growth? How do you begin and end your day? Do you envision the outcome? Your actions will either move you toward or away from building the business you dream of.  

What is your internal dialogue saying to you?

Be consciously aware of the verbiage that plays within your mind. Does your self talk tell you can do it or that you can’t? Do you mentally beat up yourself when things don’t work out or when you don’t complete your goals? Do you tell yourself you are a failure? What you say to yourself will either grow your business or destruct it.

Do you see the opportunities around you?

It’s easy to become closed off and focused on what you want and how you want something to happen. What you want and what really happens often do not correlate. Are you open to letting things unfold and develop in a way that you never thought of? Do you keep your mind open to inviting the possibility of new opportunities? Chance are, you will find when things work out different than what you anticipated, it turns out much better than you planned.

What is your Failure Exit plan?

No matter what stage you are at in your business, you will face moments when you ­­­feel like a failure and you want to quit. What is your plan for exiting that feeling of failure and turning it around into hope and confidence? How will you keep yourself pushing forward? Do you have a process you follow to keep you focused? Do you have a close friend or colleague who will encourage you when you feel discouraged? Develop your plan now, before are ready to quit.  

You have what it takes to create the success you dream of. Now is the time to access your power to make it happen!

 Catherine M. White

Catherine M. White

Catherine M. White
Business Coach & Consultant | Accelerated Results 365 Founder
(206) 422-4450


Catherine M. White

Catherine M. White, founder of Accelerated Results 365, is an author, speaker and innovator. She works with high performance clients to strategically develop effective business processes for continued high level success using her signature system, P.O.W.E.R.R., designed specifically for visionaries, and entrepreneurs. This program leads to authoritative breakthroughs by creating innovative tools that enable businesses to catapult past the competition.


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