How to create a happy office

How to create a happy office

How to create a happy office

You have probably never heard of the term Happy Office. Does a Happy Office even exist?

What would it look like? Is there even something like a Happy Office? And if there was, what would it mean to have a Happy Office?

The term Happy Office has everything to do with how you FEEL when you walk in. Can you achieve everything you want for the day? Are you inspired to do creative and productive work?

Will you still have energy left at the end of the day? Will you be excited for the next day to arrive?

Is everything organized and filed the way you like it? Can you easily retrieve important client files and projects you are working on? Is the space energizing you for your hobbies?

Tips on How to Create a Happy Office

Take a good look at everything that lives in your office then purge clutter and get rid of items you no longer want or need or that just don’t belong in your office. By doing this you will immediately feel relief: there will be room to breathe and you will enjoy your office even more.

Create a system that works for you. What do you need in your office to have the best environment to work in? What kind of work are you doing in your office? If you use it for your hobbies, do you have adequate storage? Is there enough room to spread your hobbies out? If it is more business or home office related, do you work best at an empty desk or do you need post-its, notepads and markers for your work? No matter how you use your office, make sure you create and invest in a system that works for you.

How to Make Your Office Happy

After decluttering and creating a system, it is time to decorate your office, walls, and desk. What makes YOU happy in your office? It could mean a bigger desk, or simply your desk in front of the window. Another great idea is to change the color of your wall and add an accent color.

What items hold important value to you? Display one attractive piece on your desk, like your favorite journal, inspirational notepads for all your notes and wild ideas, sports or travel memorabilia, postcards or Glassybabies. Did you know that a Glassybaby makes a nice reward?

Simply pick the one item that holds the most value to you, the item that means something significant and that inspires you to do more work in your office.

As you do this, you will feel your energy move in your body and YOU will experience the flow of creativity.

The Importance of a Happy Office

The rewards of a Happy Office are endless and will be revealed in so many ways. First, you will be so joyful to enter your office. With everything in its place and only having items you really need: every day will start with a clean slate. Second, you will be full of energy, and you will experience that you can work more efficiently and calmly. And third, you’ll notice that you are less stressed and have increased productivity when your office is HAPPY.

Nicolette Bouw

Nicolette Bouw

The Dutch Designer



Nicolette Bouw

Nicolette Bouw, The Dutch Designer is an Interior Architect. Originally from Amsterdam and a graduate of The Amsterdam School of Interior Design, Nicolette uses her vast experience in architecture, interior design, organizing and staging to create a unique company in NIBIO.

NIBIO excels in creating unique, luxury designs for residential and commercial clients worldwide. From a simple living room design to a new kitchen or new bathroom to whole home remodels and beyond.

NIBIO also creates the best environment for women working from home, by transforming their office to increase productivity and happiness.


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