As business owners, we have so much freedom in scheduling our time and often with that much freedom we end up being pulled in a million different directions and our seemingly ample time is drained quickly. By creating your ideal day, week and month you can plan out your time and structure your work so that you are maximizing every minute.

I recommend starting with structuring your ideal month. You can do this by determining how your time will be spent each week. For example, two weeks a month could be designated as client work weeks, one week could be working on your business and one week could be meetings and networking. By theming your weeks, you can better batch tasks so that you are not jumping around too much and wasting your time.

After you have your ideal month, take each week and flush it out a bit more. For example, if you are looking at a week of working on your business you can give each day a theme. Monday and Tuesday could be content creation, Wednesday could be for finances, Thursday for monthly team activities and Friday for forecasting. This allows you to structure your time to get everything done in the time you have allotted.

Finally, finish up by creating your ideal day. It would be very time consuming to do this for every day of your week, so I recommend making a general ideal day. Include everything you want to accomplish such as exercise, work, family time, driving, meals, relaxing time, etc.

There will always be unforeseen tasks, meetings, and life getting in the way of your perfectly planned schedule, but by laying out your ideal month, week and day you can start off with a plan that will help you manage your time and be more productive.

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Danielle LaFleur

Danielle is a serial entrepreneur and has been creating and running businesses for over 20 years. She currently operates Easy As Pie Design, a website design firm and Build Your Mastermind, a business consulting agency.

Danielle has been featured in over 30 publications, worked with National Geographic in over 50+ countries, and has created a process for extracting an ROI from an ROE in training and development which is currently being used in over 100+ corporations.

Danielle encourages all of those that work with her to deep dive into their values, maximize those natural talents and skills, and create the life they have always dreamed of. She is a full believer that when you align yourself with who you are meant to be, there is an opportunity around every corner.

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