Creating Summer Memories for Children and Grandchildren

As a parent or grandparent kids are almost out of school so plans are being made now for summer fun and activities.  It is time to set those goals to create lasting memories.

Being the mom-slave catering to their lazy schedule and whims and moaning two young teen boys was not this mom’s idea of a memorable summer. So, our schedule meant a time to get up each day well before noon.  No sleeping in until whenever they felt like getting up.

There were regular daily chores and some outdoor projects that had to be completed to get to the fun like trips to the beach, zoo, movie or backpacking trips with their dad and sometimes mom too.

To this day 20 years later the guys still groan about the hours they spent digging a ditch between our home and the neighbors. It had springs that caused intermittent flooding in the yard.  The ditch was to direct the water run down the front yard hill and into the gutter.  The construction required a pry bar, a heavy metal pole to break up the soil to shovel aside.  They called their time spent ditch digging as being in the gulag.  They also had to help collect large rocks from a local quarry area and haul home in a truck to line ditch.  They made us parents laugh but it helped build their young muscles and work out their high summer energy.  To this day they now claim their own children will be digging a ditch because they know how good it was for them.

One of the boys had his friend help him dig a huge hole in the yard for koi pond this mom wanted.  Plans changed and it turned into a lovely stream that spilled over well placed rocks for that soothing gurgling sound.  They did enjoy that.

They had plenty of time to romp around the 50 acres of green belt behind out home, playing with friends and taking field trips with friends to parks, beaches and the zoo. 

Each summer included the youth group camping trip with friends. As a youth leader-mom time with deep discussions and laughter helped lead the young women in maturing into womanhood with the fun talks and much laughter.  Twenty years later many of the kids, now adults with their own children, meet over meals and movies in each other’s homes. A few of the guys and gals found life partners within the group.

As a grandparent, summer projects with grandchildren vary with the age of the grandchildren. My sister is planning to have two of her pre-teen granddaughters help build birdhouses to replace old ones for the side of the barn.  Another is doing wide ranging mediums in art projects. My younger grandchildren will be going to the park to play often on the slides, swings and lots of sand building castles at the beach.  Personally, I won’t give up on investing into the children’s lives.  They won’t forget their summers!

Elisa (Lisa) Hawkinson

Elisa (Lisa) Hawkinson

Elisa Hawkinson
Professional Organizer | Author Calming Your Chaos | Leader of the Smooth Organizer Community


Elisa (Lisa) Hawkinson



Since 2000 Elisa (Lisa) Hawkinson, author of Calming Your Chaos, has been teaching and training businesses and individuals to support anyone who is not naturally organized on a consistent basis to be just that. Her HOW2GetOrganized seminars, workshops, and speaking along with hands-on coaching and coaching by phone has evolved from her natural genetic bent for order. Efficiency, calm, productivity and profitability are increased with the help of HOW2 and Elisa.



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