Beauty and Fashion –  Conversation with Lisa Fischer – Styling

Lisa Fischer is a Personal Wardrobe Stylist with over 20 years in the Image Business. She speaks with Danielle LaFleur about living life image strong. Being image strong goes beyond how we look and gets to the core of what we believe about ourselves and how we relate to other people.

Lisa’s journey began with the desire of wanting education for her children. What started out as a part-time job lead to a lifetime passion. Today, Lisa is a speaker, Author and the Creator of Image Strong – A safe place for women to build appearance mastery.

Women hire Lisa who want to feel confident and stand in their personal power with authenticity from the inside-out. Styling, shopping, wardrobe capsuling, closet management, color analysis and building a wardrobe that serves them is part of that journey. Lisa offers in-person, virtual and group programs helping women live IMAGE STRONG. Never again feel “I have nothing to wear.”

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