Decluttering and Organizing Your Home for Spring

Has anyone been watching Tidying Up on Netflix? Decluttering and getting rid of things that do not bring you joy is all the rage right now. To the point, that second-hand stores have been overwhelmed with donations and if you are a thrifter it is a great time to be out shopping.

Even if you are not ready to go full Marie Kondo on your belongings, spring is a great time to clean out unwanted items and start the new season with a clean and decluttered home. We have a simple strategy for decluttering and organizing room by room.

Empty the Space

The first step is to pick a room and completely empty the space. It may seem like a lot of effort, but by removing everything from the room you avoid just creating piles and burning out. So, empty the entire space and start from scratch.

Create a Vision

Your next step is to figure out what your vision is for the room. Are you turning a guest room into an office? A family room into a guest room? Before you start filling your room back up with stuff have a clear vision of your end goal. If you do not have a clear vision your room will end up right back where you started, cluttered and full of stuff you do not actually want.

Sort, Sort, Sort

Next, start sorting everything from the room into two piles; keep and out the door. The things in the keep pile will either go back into the room or will be found a home somewhere else in your house. The out the door pile are items that will either be leaving in the trash or you will donate or sell.

Deal With the Out the Door Pile

Although you may want to get right to organizing the room you should start with the out the door pile. Sift through and determine what is trash, what could be useful to someone else and what is valuable enough to sell. From here take out the trash, make a trip to a thrift store and list or consign what you want to sell.

Rebuild and Organize

Finally, you start working on your room. Bring in items from your keep pile that help you achieve your vision for the room. When you bring an item in, make sure it has a place in the room. No piles in desk drawers and unsorted boxes hidden in the closets. Every item needs a home. If there are items in your keep pile that did not make the new room but still need a home, find a place for them somewhere else in your house.

This process may be time intensive based on the size of the room and the amount of stuff you have, but it is well worth the effort. It is very freeing to have less clutter and start the spring season with less stuff you do not need in your life.

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