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Remember when you were a child? Think back to a glorious memory of playing, feel the abandonment to joy, the creative flow of just playing for the sheer joy of the experience…Why did we ever stop???

Once a month I host an evening at my home called Artsy Fartsy Sip n’ Play. It is a 3-hour workshop of creative exploration, play and perhaps deepening self awareness that is a gift of the creative flow. I have hosted a number of these evening events and I have found myself increasingly aware of the challenge that many of us have in simply playing. In fact, it is not unusual for someone to ask, “what are we supposed to do with this when it is done???” The underlying assumption, usually stated as a fact that we all accept and know as “truth”, is that we must be creating something for some practical reason otherwise we are…gulp…WASTING TIME!

And there we have it. The difference between that lovely memory of simple play that we experienced as a child, and that “shoulding” on ourselves that becomes normal as we become grown up and learn that we should always be working towards something, always be efficient, always be growing, learning, working, doing, succeeding, multi-tasking, meeting our goals, and on and on and on.

The one word you don’t see on that list is that we should be simply Be-ing.In a single word we are reminded of the difference between that memory of play…when we were totally and completely in the moment, imagining and creating and playing without attempting to reach anything, and the reality of being adult women with responsibilities and plans and commitments and goals and all of it.

This gift of being in the moment, of experiencing the creative flow, of listening to messages from Spirit is a gift of creative play, and it is why I believe it is vitally important for women to make play a priority in their lives.

We all have heard about meditation and other mindfulness-based practices, and how they are so beneficial in helping us to be more in the moment and less reactive. I personally am a meditator. It took me many tries and many unsuccessful attempts before I began to call myself that. I encourage my clients to meditate as part of the process of transition. I must be honest, though, many of my clients struggle with starting and maintaining a regular meditation practice. It takes effort to make it happen, and often we don’t have the energy or the space in our busy lives to commit to it on a regular basis.

The good news is that there are other practices we can adopt to help us practice moving into the space of “Being”. And creative play is one of them…isn’t that great??? It would be helpful if we could get a prescription from the Dr. that says, “Play is healthy and good for you and you should do it 3 times each week”. The good news is that you don’t need it. You can choose to play on a regular basis. You can blow bubbles or make giant bubbles (one of my favorite ways to play) or make a paper airplane or play with clay and make funny faces out of it or swing on a swing or jump on a trampoline, the list is truly endless. You are limited only by your imagination.

Add some play into your life and maybe do a little less “shoulding” on yourself and a little more “Being” with yourself…and perhaps you’ll start creating more of those glorious memories.

Karen Herold

Karen Herold

Transition Life Coach | Energy Psychologist | Creative Arts Facilitator



Karen Herold



After 30 plus in the business world Karen Herold considers herself a recovering CPA, finance and executive management business leader. She left her business career to pursue a master’s in transpersonal psychology followed soon thereafter by certification as a psychosynthesis life coach. She brings her wisdom and knowledge as a yoga teacher, creative expression arts facilitator, energy psychologist and a life transition coach to each coaching session. Karen is also a member of the faculty at Sofia University. Karen empowers and encourages her clients to embrace Transition as an Invitation to envision, create and manifest their next stage in life as one that is filled with Purpose, Meaning and Value. Karen is a contributing author to The Call of Self: Psychosynthesis Life Coaching, which is a journey to understanding transpersonally oriented life coaching where she shares her experience of the intersection of life coaching and volleyball coaching.

Karen is the mother of three adult daughters…all of whom she coached in club volleyball at one time or another. She is also grandmother to four young grandchildren and is recently married to her loving husband Chris.


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