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Feeling loved, receiving love is one of our most basic keys to happiness. It is one of the things we spend our lives searching for, sometimes in all the wrong places. I was recently reminded of how important our specific Love Language is in helping to draw love to us. The concept of Love Languages was first presented more than 30 years ago by Gary Chapman in his book The Five Love Languages. The principle is that there are five unique ways in which we express love, receive love, and feel love. The five love languages are: Words of Affirmation, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, Acts of Service, and
Physical Touch.

It is crucial to know your own love language and that of the important people in your life, to be able to more effectively show love and receive love in your life. Knowing not just the love language of your significant other, but your children, your closest friends, and family. For those of you who didn’t study Love Languages back in the day or need a refresher, here is a quick overview of the five love languages and their characteristics:

– Words of Affirmation
Verbal compliments and words of praise. Negative words are especially hurtful

– Quality Time
Giving a loved one your undivided and focused attention. Lack of attention is very difficult

– Receiving Gifts
Gift giving is a sign of love and affection. You remember who gave you what and when. You display and take care of gifts. Not receiving a thoughtful gift is very especially hurtful

– Acts of Service
Feeling loved when someone does something to lighten your responsibility load. Doing especially loathsome chores for your loved ones as an expression of love.

– Physical Touch
Feeling especially loved through physical touch. Thoughtful rituals of kissing and hugging and holding hands with loved ones.

It’s fantastic when the significant people in your life know your love language and use it to express love to you, but that doesn’t always happen. In fact, I’m willing to bet, unless your significant person possesses your same love language, it rarely happens. Most of us have a hard time expressing love in a language other than our own. You will most likely show love to people using your own love language.

Due to that fact, you may be loved by your significant people but not really feel it deeply because it’s not expressed in your love language. That’s right. Say, you are a Words of Affirmation person but your partner is an Acts of Service person. You may have your laundry done for you and your garbage is taken out each week, but you may not feel truly deeply loved. Some relationships go years this way. It is tragic to think that the people you love are not feeling that love. But there is hope, read on!

Drawing Love To You

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There are ways to draw love to you through love languages. Here is how it works:

First, discover what love languages your significant people are by a quick study of the Love Languages below. Then watch for them to express love to you in their love languages. When you can learn to spot all the ways in which your person is showing you love, you can begin to feel loved on a whole new level.

Look for the love expressed in other people’s love languages

– Words of Affirmation
They give you cards, leave notes, send texts, encouraging words and compliments

– Physical Touch
They give you hugs and kisses. Hold hands, make thoughtful intimacy a priority

– Receiving Gifts
They make a point of giving you thoughtful gifts. They make small gestures that you notice matter a lot to them.

– Quality Time
They plan times to spend together, big and small, from taking walks or weekends away.

– Acts of Service
They do chores for you and make a point of trying to alleviate your workload. They make your meals.

You will find your perspective shifting immensely toward greater and deeper love when you are able to train yourself to see love coming your way in other love languages. It really is a whole new level of feeling loved by your significant people.

You may be asking yourself “but will I ever receive love expressed in MY love language”? Yes, there are also things you can do to draw love to you in your love language. Read on…

Just as you trained yourself to begin to notice when your significant people show you love in their love language, you can train yourself to spot love coming your way in your own love language. Here’s what you do: When you do see it, even in the briefest way, make a big deal of it! Express how much it makes your day, how deeply loved you feel! I’ll bet you’ll start to see it happen more often. It’s a double whammy of love!

As a certified women's empowerment coach, I have changed the outcome for countless motivated, dynamic women in empowering them to get out of their own way and conquer life's hurdles relating to relationships and personal development.

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Kim Edwards

Kim Edwards

Certified Women's Empowerment Coach
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Kimberlee Edwards

Kim is a certified Women's Empowerment Coach. She founded Vision PowerCoaching because, while working her corporate job, she discovered that the extra chair in her office cubicle was often filled with someone who needed to talk about their life. She loved listening to them and found that she often had an intuition about how to help them.

She is passionate about guiding women through some of life's toughest challenges, relating to divorce, health and family. She helps them to stop feeling overwhelmed with negativity and create a plan to find their personal power, strength and confidence in painful and difficult situations.

Kim teaches women to feel empowered and to come out on the other side of their challenge with gratitude and clarity!

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