Eight Best Holiday Host or Hostess Gifts

We are in the middle of holiday party season and it is always nice to bring a gift for the host or hostess of a holiday party. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a fun gift, so here is our ten favorite hostess gifts for anyone welcoming you into their home.

Wine or Champagne
This is a standard (but popular) item. Everyone can use a bottle of something delicious for their home. To make it extra special choose something local or bring a bottle that is not sold at your local grocery store.

Mixed Drink
A super fun idea in the alcohol family is to bring the ingredients and directions for a mixed drink. Often people don’t go out of their way to put together a fancy mixed drink because it can be complicated. So, if your host enjoys mixed drinks find a fun recipe and bring all the ingredients needed and the recipe.

Candles can sound a bit boring, but there are so many boutique candle companies that make artisanal scents, funny labels and cool candle holders. You can find something that matches the d├ęcor and taste of your hostess.

Plant or Fresh Flowers
Another traditional but welcome gift is a potted plant or fresh flowers. They are always welcome and easy to find locally. If you bring fresh flowers have them wrapped nicely at the store, instead of bringing them in the crinkly plastic. It adds a nice touch.

Another cool gift that is perfect for those who have a bar or enjoy mixed drinks is barware. There is always a cool new gadget or bar toy that an aficionado would love to receive.

Cheese Board
A gorgeous cheese board is a great gift for a host/hostess who entertains frequently. They come in a variety of different materials and if you plan

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