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There’s no denying Americans’ appreciation for the men and women who serve in the military defending our democracy! So, we thought we’d pay tribute to them. You can draw inspiration from them when you feel challenged in life, including when you’re trying so hard to meet your health and fitness goals.

Here are eight great reasons to appreciate the service of the men and women serving on our behalf:

They understand the meaning of patriotism because they work every day to defend it.

They are committed to whatever they’re doing, whether it’s at home with family and friends or at work.

They value relationships. They sometimes spend a lot of time away from their loved ones, so they’ve learned to appreciate their time with family and friends deeply.

Our military members have a unique perspective on our country and our democracy. They’ve seen it in ways most of us haven’t.

Eight Reasons To Draw Inspiration From Our Military

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They know that we’re all capable of reaching higher and accomplishing more.

They know how to work to persevere when things get tough.

Military members have seen things most of us haven’t and never will.

They are brave and are willing to lay their lives on the line for their country and our freedom.

If you can draw one thing from our military to relate to your fitness and health goals, it’s their undeniable perseverance. Next time you’re working out and tempted to quit, think of those in the military. They keep going. So should you!

Kelly Fennelly

Kelly Fennelly

Kelly Fennelly
Owner, Kelly Fennelly Fitness


Kelly Fennelly

Kelly Fennelly has been a professional in the fitness industry for more than 20 years. She design and implement Wellness Programs for clients. Along with her passion for Wellness & Fitness, she has a passion for supporting local non-profits and contributing to our community. 


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