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When someone talks to you about their energy or that they are energetically sensitive do you (in your mind) roll your eyes and say “yea, right”? The truth is that we can truly light a light bulb with our energy system which is just another name for our nervous system.

One of my favorite movies is The Matrix. I love the scene where there is a power plant that is many stories high filled with what appears to be light bulbs. As the camera moves closer, we see that the bulbs are pods for humans. As the movie progresses, we learn that machines have taken over the earth and enslaved humans to use them for the energy they generate in their bodies. Without getting too detailed the fact is that humans do indeed generate energy and that it is transmitted through their energy system which is simply another name for their nervous system. Yea, I am an anatomy and physiology geek, that’s why I find this so fascinating.

Historically, energy work was associated with eastern medicine and eastern health practices. While the Western medical establishment was resistant for many years to these modalities they have embraced (to greater or lesser degrees) the health benefits of acupuncture, chiropractic, massage and other less scientifically proven types of health practices that work thru and on our nervous and myofascial systems.

What is perhaps less well known and less well accepted is the potential for energy system work to support us in our journeys of emotional and traumatic healing. In order to understand this concept, we need to understand a few facts. First emotion is energy. If this sounds strange to you think about when you are really angry or about to start crying. The amount of energy it takes to stop either one of these emotional reactions is huge. It takes a lot of energy to suppress a lot of energy…because emotion is energy. If we do not express energy it is stored in the body, and the nervous system can access this emotional energy when it is triggered. Starting to sound familiar? When you are “triggered” you immediately react in a way that has nothing to do with the current situation because you are reacting to the memory, the energy, that is stored in the body and accessed via the energy system. It can feel like you are taken over by another being.

This explains why a person can spend years in talk therapy with a talented counselor or psychotherapist and understand the emotional underpinnings of a situation very clearly and still find themselves triggered into the response that is held in their bodies. This is where energy psychology can really change the story.

Energy psychology is a practice that works with the emotional history of an event, trauma, story, wounding to remove the energetic or nervous system link to that physical memory of the emotion.

Pause and read that sentence again…and consider what that means.

In my experience, it means that I can stop the mind-looping story that can go on for days (and nights) when I am triggered into a remembered hurt or painful occurrence that feels similar to what I am now experiencing. It means that I can choose to unwind the story and to stop telling it over and over and over again when I am triggered. It means I can be free of those hurts that I have worked so hard to understand through counseling but still, frustratingly, can become very reactive to.

This tool is incredibly useful, powerful and helpful. If you are interested in knowing more or experimenting with how energy psychology can support you, contact me!

Karen Herold

Karen Herold

Transition Life Coach | Energy Psychologist | Creative Arts Facilitator



Karen Herold



After 30 plus in the business world Karen Herold considers herself a recovering CPA, finance and executive management business leader. She left her business career to pursue a master’s in transpersonal psychology followed soon thereafter by certification as a psychosynthesis life coach. She brings her wisdom and knowledge as a yoga teacher, creative expression arts facilitator, energy psychologist and a life transition coach to each coaching session. Karen is also a member of the faculty at Sofia University. Karen empowers and encourages her clients to embrace Transition as an Invitation to envision, create and manifest their next stage in life as one that is filled with Purpose, Meaning and Value. Karen is a contributing author to The Call of Self: Psychosynthesis Life Coaching, which is a journey to understanding transpersonally oriented life coaching where she shares her experience of the intersection of life coaching and volleyball coaching.

Karen is the mother of three adult daughters…all of whom she coached in club volleyball at one time or another. She is also grandmother to four young grandchildren and is recently married to her loving husband Chris.


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