Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you are single you might be dreading it. All the hearts, cards, flowers and general love-i-ness can make some people feel a little down. We think that you can reframe how you look at this holiday and have some ideas about how to not just get through the Valentine’s Day season, but enjoy it!

Spa Day

Any day at the spa is a good day. If you are looking for a way to enjoy the holiday on your own plan a day of relaxation and rejuvenation. Not only is a great for self-care, but it gives you a special treat on a day that others will be busy with dinner reservations and date prep. If you are lucky, maybe you will get the spa to yourself!

Treat Yourself to Something Special

It is 2019, there is no reason that you cannot treat yourself to something special on or around Valentine’s Day. Is there a piece of jewelry you have been wanting? A special book, piece of art or item that you would love to have? Buy it! Enjoy it! Be proud of the life you have and the fact you do not have to wait for someone to gift you something, you can get it for yourself.

Volunteer to Babysit for a Couple You Love

Feeling generous? Know a couple that would love a date night but can’t find a sitter on this busy date night? Offer your babysitting services. Your friends will love you and it can be fun to spend an evening with kids who are focused on the sweets of Valentine’s Day more than the love/relationship aspect of the day.

Gift Exchange with Other Singles

Another fun way to celebrate the day is to organize a gift exchange with your other single friends. You could do funny gifts, sincere gifts or even anti-Valentine gifts. Either way it is a nice way to make your friends feel special on this typically couples holiday.

Throw a Party for Single Friends

You can take the gift exchange one step further and pair it with a fabulous party! Since it is a party for singles you could do so many fun things! A fancy dinner or cocktail party, a pajama and movie party or a spa party. The opportunities are endless!

No matter what you decide to do on Valentine’s Day, remember that it does not have to be all about being in a couple. The holiday is all about love and it can be loving yourself, your life and your friends as long as you are celebrating love it will be a fun day!

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