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​What Is Our Purpose?

Some people search for years to find their Purpose. They wonder and even despair if they are fulfilling their Purpose. I hope to shed a little light on their Path. Our Purpose is to move toward our Highest Good and for the Highest Good of Others. The good news is as we move through our Life, God is doing the same, step by step. God is creating our Highest Good with us. God is within us and right alongside us and behind us and before us.

Some of us have limitations that slow down our progress. We judge ourselves and project our self-judgment onto God, assuming God feels the same way about us as we do. The most meaningful question we can ask each other and the question God cares about the most is, ‘How are you today?’

Feeling Love Is Our Purpose

What if our Purpose is as easy as feeling Loved? When we feel Love, it is easy to share Love. When we share Love with each other and the planet, we experience the Love of Universal God Source. Feeling Love is our Purpose.

Does Intention Matter?

One definition of Purpose is intention. Intention is our aim or plan. God uses our intention just as much as God uses our actions. Intention is the first step toward action. With everything going on in our lives, it is okay if intention is the best we can do today.

Is Our Purpose Life-Sustaining?

Wisdom is knowing and trusting the next best step in any area of our lives. Love is automatically Life-Sustaining. We can ask ourselves, “What is the next loving thing to do?”

Focusing on Love helps us say ‘no’ to the people and experiences that do not give us Life.

How Do We Feel About Our Purpose?

We know our Purpose by the way we feel about it. When I focus on my Purpose, I lose track of time, and I am so happily driven toward my work! We are guided to do what fulfills a deep motivation in our Soul.

Can We Let Go of Our Purpose?

We should not feel a sense of lack when we think about our Purpose. Instead, we can feel like the Universe conspires to help us! We also should not wait to feel like we ‘have arrived’ when we fulfill our Purpose. Today is our Purpose. We can have our Purpose all mapped out with goals and timelines, and yet if we are driven beyond our capacity and sense of balance, then our motivation is coming from a place of woundedness and not Purpose.

I have goals of being an author and speaker and bringing emotional and spiritual freedom to the world. I have very specific projects and timelines for carrying out my Global Purpose. I work every day toward these goals for my Highest Good and the Highest Good of Others, but I have also let it go. The reason I can let it go is that it is not all up to me. I cannot carry the burden of my Purpose alone. I am counting on God and my family and friends. I am counting on circumstances to open up to me. God is counting on my intentions and actions, and I’m counting on God’s.

Finding Our Purpose
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Do We Feel Universal God Source Helping Us?

Do you feel the Universe helping you? Do you know that God is always for you? Do you feel surrounded by Love and Abundance?

I have lived a privileged Life. I grew up poor, but doors did not close in my face, as happens to some. I hope the world would know God is for us! Abundance is Everywhere. Love is our Path.

How To Find What Is Blocking Our Purpose

How do we find our Purpose? It is simple. We close our eyes and ask. We can think of our Life so far, what brings us Joy? We find our Purpose in what brings us Joy.

Reflect, Reframe and Remove

When you stop to think about your Life so far, did issues of regret, disappointment, and blame come to mind? Yeah, me too. The issues that drain Life from us can be easily transformed by reflecting on what hurts us, then reframing the issue with a Higher and more True perspective. When we are armed with a New Story, we can remove that which hurt us.

Own Our Life!

The first step in solving our Life problems is to assume the problem Is something we can solve. We can own the part of us attached to holding on to the difficulties in our Life. Then we can learn to let it go.

Ask for Help!

I have hired six coaches to help me over the last five years! When I face a problem I am not yet able to solve, I ask for help! I trust if you have a problem you cannot solve, you will ask for help, too. I Love You. I hope my Love will make a difference in your Life.

Namaste – the Divine in Me Celebrates the Divine in You!
I Love You!

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 Dani Green

Dani Green

Dani Green
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Dani Green

Dani Green is the Creator of The Soul Power Experience using motivational speaking, education and hypnotherapy. Dani also helps clients reduce stress, smoking cessation and weight release. As an Ordained Minister, Dani writes and officiates Weddings and Funerals. Dani and her husband, Kevin have three adult children and have hosted 15 international students.


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