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Have you ever met someone who is just always happy? They always have a smile on their face and find the best in every situation? How are they so happy? It turns out that there are some habits that happy people practice daily. Today we are diving into the things you can do every day to contribute to your happiness.

Express Gratitude

 Spend a part of your day letting someone know that they are appreciated. By showing gratitude you make someone else happy and usually receive some gratitude in return. You can also think about what you are grateful for in your life in general. By reflecting on the positives in your life it shifts focus from what may be going wrong to what is going right.

 Spend Time With Other Happy People

 The people we surround ourselves with have a big impact on our lives. If we are surrounded by negativity, we tend to be more negative, but if we fill our circle with happy people, we become happier. If you find that certain people really lift you up, spend more time with them!

 Give to Others

 Performing a good deed releases dopamine into your brain which increased your feeling of happiness. When you help others you feel useful, altruistic and more satisfied in your own life.


 Turn off your devices and get off of social media! It is common knowledge that using social media actually increased feelings of dissatisfaction with life, so limiting use can increase happiness. Disconnecting also helps people connect with the people in their real life as opposed to the people online resulting in more personal relationships.


Exercise releases endorphins into your body which is an automatic mood booster. Endorphins help alleviate symptoms of endorphins, anxiety and depression. Movement also helps your body feel good and your mind clear.

By incorporating one or more of these habits into your life you can increase your feeling of happiness. You can be one of those people who is happy all of the time and inspire others to be happier as well.

5 Habits Happy People Practice Everyday
Karen Rae

Karen Rae

Owner, Fave Lifestyles


Karen Rae

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