Four Words to Light the Way

Following a change all the way through transition, transformation and metamorphosis allow your light to shine for everyone around you.

There are four words that we often use interchangeably. Change, Transition, Transformation and Metamorphoses often are confused as being the same or at least similar in meaning. In the world I live and work in, I see that they have very different meanings that impact the way we approach a significant life transition.

A Change is something we all know about. Every day we use the word many times, for little changes like changing your shirt, changing your pants, changing the tv station, changing the oil in your car, changing of the season, changing the laundry from the washer to the dryer….and on and on and on!

But then we each experience some changes that are bigger – like having a baby and becoming a parent, getting married or getting divorced, changing careers, or losing a loved one OR moving into the 3rd quarter of life with everything that means…like downsizing your home and clearing out the accumulations of a lifetime, seeing your children begin their adult lives and watching your parents move into their final season of life.

These changes are different than the little everyday ones because they start the process of inner change…which is the transition.

Change is a shift in external events or circumstances…transition, on the other hand, is internal, it is changing your relationship with yourself.

When a transition happens, it is an invitation to explore. To question beliefs that you have held, values that you have embraced, relationships you have, the work you do in the world, your spiritual life and relationship, and how you want to live this gift of life. It is an invitation to co-create your next season in life with the Divine Creator of the Universe.

How you explore during transition is different also. It is an internal process. You may read books and listen to podcasts and YouTube videos. You may try new things as you explore. A lot of the time you prefer to be by yourself letting your mind wander across all the “facts”, “givens” and “ways things are” that you have accepted as “the truth”. Women often find meditation, prayer, journaling and walking in nature to be very supportive during this part of the transition journey.

It can be challenging…you may feel uncomfortable in your own skin as you explore, grow and create a new skin that fits you better. For a while, nothing feels right or comfortable. You can’t go back but you haven’t reached forward yet.

So why do it? Why accept the invitation when you know that there will be a period of discomfort and not-knowing what is next for you? There are plenty of messages in our current culture that invites us to just keep moving on, to make change after change, to avoid anything that brings discomfort.

I believe the best reason to embrace the process of transition is because it brings you to my next word…transformation. Transition is the process…” transformed you” is the result. The result is that you get to live a truer version of your true self. You create a new image of what you…an ideal you…can be. And then you get to make it happen. Metamorphosis is the process of changing from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. That’s what you get to do. You take all of the hard work of transition; you transform your inner life and then that beautiful You shines out for all to see.

But you get to choose. Transition is an invitation. That means you can RSVP yes or you can RSVP sorry…too busy, can’t make it this time. You get to choose. If you would like some help making the choice that best supports you in becoming the best version of yourself that will shine your beauty in the world contact me today. I am and I would love to support you as you answer YES to the invitation for a WiseTransition.

Karen Herold

Karen Herold

Transition Life Coach | Energy Psychologist | Creative Arts Facilitator



Karen Herold



After 30 plus in the business world Karen Herold considers herself a recovering CPA, finance and executive management business leader. She left her business career to pursue a master’s in transpersonal psychology followed soon thereafter by certification as a psychosynthesis life coach. She brings her wisdom and knowledge as a yoga teacher, creative expression arts facilitator, energy psychologist and a life transition coach to each coaching session. Karen is also a member of the faculty at Sofia University. Karen empowers and encourages her clients to embrace Transition as an Invitation to envision, create and manifest their next stage in life as one that is filled with Purpose, Meaning and Value. Karen is a contributing author to The Call of Self: Psychosynthesis Life Coaching, which is a journey to understanding transpersonally oriented life coaching where she shares her experience of the intersection of life coaching and volleyball coaching.

Karen is the mother of three adult daughters…all of whom she coached in club volleyball at one time or another. She is also grandmother to four young grandchildren and is recently married to her loving husband Chris.

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