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DOOR -Entrance to your Home.

What color is your front door? Did you pick the color for what it would express to
your neighbors or it is your favorite color? As a Realtor, I talk to my clients all the time about
the importance of a good first impression. The front step where Buyers wait for me to open
the door is key to what experience they will expect to have. If the dead plants are sitting in
broken pots-not good. If the doormat looks that it has seen may years & looks tattered or
faded or just plain ugly, I suggest a change to a large new simple black mat. Front doors with
peeling paint trim or chewed up by the dog-no good. Must replace the trim and/or paint it. 
Door handles are also an eyesore, put on a new fresh lock & make sure there is ease of use by
those wanting to see your home. The threshold could be an issue too, the weather stripping,
etc. The idea is to have that front door dazzle the clients. 

Last on the list of refreshing is painting the front door. I would strongly recommend a
professional to prep the door, seal the cracks, add new glass to it, prior to painting. Over the
years I have seen many DIY jobs gone wrong. In fact, this morning while showing a 1.2 million
dollar home, the owners had tried to fix the door themselves & ouch it was not good. They
realized the misstate & left a note for us to know they were on the project & would have a
professional painter take care of their mess on the front door. Stepping into their home, was a
great experience but, the front door was not so exciting. Looked like they had never updated
the original 1970’s original door. 

Writing about Door colors reminds me of my first Office as a Realtor. I had a collection of Door
pictures as my décor. For many years I enjoyed the idea of what the Door represents.

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There are many philosophies around the meaning of the “Door” In Google searching, I found
many sites with lots of Quotes. “When one door closes another will open” I always liked that
as a positive way of looking at the plans that didn’t work out. Its been true over the years.
There is always another door to open, some are locked tighter than others and some even
stand open waiting for you. When you least expect it the Door pops open. One of my favorite
pictures were two doors to a building, looking identical, representing the idea of neighbors close
by. Below that picture was a quote by Emerson, “A friend may well be reckoned the
masterpiece of Nature” Those doors next to each other were White. The meaning in a White
front door is that it projects clean, clean lines, leading a guest into a simple yet
organized home.  Ha Ha, that’s not a guarantee.

Today I have the Green Door picture by Lee Man in my house. It has the red geranium by the
door & the front steps have red pedals that the wind has blown off the plant. Unusual to find
untidy front doors in Rothenburg where the picture was taken. Green Doors are a traditional look.
A sign that the people are ambitious and strive for personal growth in themselves and in their
wealth creation.

Red Doors, I wrote an article about that when I was the co-owner of the Red Door Team. It’s a
positive sign, a sign of good fortune.  In history, it was a welcoming sign for travelers. In some
cultures, it was a sign that the mortgage was paid in full. Its good energy to have a Red Front Door!
I have a Pinterest collection of Doors. It’s a sign your home is a safe place.  Red Doors in
my opinion are very sharp looking & fun.

I love Yellow.  Seems that lately, I have been seeing more Yellow front doors. Yellow sends
a message to your neighbors that you are a morning person? Not me. Other meanings found
were that a Yellow door projects confidence, creativity, wise, humorous & understanding.
Expect your neighbors to take notice. You are definitely a positive person.

Now Blue seems to be another color I’m seeing more of. I guess it depends on the shade of blue
as to what it means. Royal blue is prosperous, dark blue is grounded and calm, or the powder
blue, friendly, and sincere.

Read more about the surprising things your front door reveals about your soul.


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Teresa Barthol

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Teresa Barthol


Teresa Barthol -Managing Broker with eXp Realty Seattle.  Brings 22 plus years’ experience to consult with clients about real estate in the 3rd and 4th quarters of their lives. .  With longevity in Real Estate Teresa loves to share her optimistic problem solving skills, creative out of the box thinking along with her enthusiasm for great outcomes. “Believe,” she will say, your desires in life will be realized. Teresa focuses on Lifestyles to Live within the four walls you call home.

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