My Fave Chair to Yours!

Tell me about your Favorite Chair? It is a question I posted on Facebook recently. A few responses
came in on the subject, which got me thinking of the places I have been where there has been a Favorite
Chair combined with memorable conversations.

A good friend from our home state of Minnesota wrote, “you know my Favorite chair”. Meaning, I have
been there a number of times on her patio in those awesome &comfortable rocking chairs. We could sit
for hours in conversation as we have been friends for many years & experiences. A cherished friendship
I’m so thankful for.

Another friend reminded me she loves that sofa! She is an avid reader & loves to escape in books & cozy
up into her sofa with a comfy cover. We share adventures together & those book recommendations.
She is the friend that may have moved even more then I have. The perspective and challenges of
moving some 14 times or more, needs friends who understand the uniqueness of moving that many
times. Our favorite chairs are ever moving to coffee shops or restaurants where we share great
conversations. A cherished friendship, I’m so thankful for.

Yesterday I sat with a friend at her home talking about Real Estate. We have years of working together
as colleges. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and challenges of our profession. I have so much respect
for her & the journey she is taking in her life. We share a Commitment to providing a high level of
service and care for our clients. It was a joy to sit in her newly remodeled kitchen enjoying her backyard
view. Like sitting in the park. A time to relax, laugh & tell stories. A cherished friendship, I’m so
thankful for.

I’m looking forward to sitting by the pool in Arizona & in California as I take some winter trips to find sun
& warmth. It is a joy to be welcomed into there homes in the sunshine states and to sit in those favorite
lounge chairs by the pool each day with morning coffee or wine in the evening. Sharing long
conversations about our lives. Friendships I am so thankful for.

Washington State Park in Anacortes is one of my favorite walks to do with friends. Many times with
friends I have walked those trails and then stopped to sit on the benches overlooking the islands,
mountains and waters we are so fortunate to have surrounding us here in the Northwest. That bench
has no doubt been witness to many conversations. Its an inspiring place to sit with friends. I love those
days with friends in that location.

Recently I went to see the Mr Rogers movie. It was a wonderful movie & brought on lots of memories of
watching the Mr Rogers shows with my sons. What I liked most about the movie is the scene where Mr
Rogers asks his friend to close his eyes & remember all the people that have “loved’ him into the person
he is today. Quietly, with eyes closed, I thought about that question.

Mr Rogers movie inspired my thoughts for this article. What relationships have loved you into being
who you are today?

Where can you visualize loving conversations and a Fave Chair! May your day be filled with time &
places you cherish.

Teresa Barthol

Teresa Barthol

Realtor - Managing Broker



Teresa Barthol


Teresa Barthol -Managing Broker with eXp Realty Seattle.  Brings 22 plus years’ experience to consult with clients about real estate in the 3rd and 4th quarters of their lives. .  With longevity in Real Estate Teresa loves to share her optimistic problem solving skills, creative out of the box thinking along with her enthusiasm for great outcomes. “Believe,” she will say, your desires in life will be realized. Teresa focuses on Lifestyles to Live within the four walls you call home.

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