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“Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon

This was the first book I received from my Real Estate friend Natalie Danielson, professional
Directions who is in charge of encouraging and teaching Real Estate Agents in Washington State
You can find her at clockhours.com

“Show Your Work” It is a little book of “10 ways to share your creativity and get discovered”
There are ten chapters in this book with ten intriguing ideas on how to look at our work. It
seems like the book is talking to the artists of the world; however, I believe we all could use a
dose of “Show Your Work” Many of us tend to hide behind our talents, thinking we are not so
significant or that no one is interested in what they do. Cheers, I say, to the confident ones who
are brave on all fronts and expose their works openly. About the book.

I want to think that I am brave, willing to expose the work I do in life. On many days I too need a
dose of the positive encouragement from this little book. I have it close by for a reminder. The
chapter in that little book of inspirations that reached out to me was #5 “Tell Good Stories.”
As a Realtor, I hear many stories about my client’s homes, kids, family, neighborhoods, pets,
and the changes that have happened over time in their home. I love these stories! With 22+
years of experience in my Real Estate career, the stories inspire me to keep going. To keep
going, I like to tell stories that paint pictures of ideas, experiences, and some trials. Telling
stories helps bring perspective to situations. I’m hopeful that my stories are helpful, bring
laughter, and share a community; we are not alone. Often one person’s account is not
dissimilar from another & by telling the stories, it helps move us forward in understanding.
“Keep Going” is another book by Austin Kleon that my friend gave me sometime after the
“Show Your Work.” I guess she thought I needed to express myself more creatively. The new
book is about “10 ways to stay creative in Good times and Bad” Chapter # 4 “Make Gifts”
Years ago I used to make gifts, and loved the gifting. In 1990 I was making kites and gifting them
to my son’s friends. The kids loved the gifts & some adults got excited about some of the bigger
kites. We did many of the local Art & Craft Fairs during our ownership of Bayside Kites.
An excellent friend & I enjoyed those years from 1990 to 1996 growing the business of “Bayside
Kites” In 1995 we decided a change was needed & we sold the company. The new owners are
still selling a vast array of kites, windsocks, banners. Its fun to look back on the stories that we
created around the kite making experience. It was a creative time. It allowed me to stay at
home with my boys. Our families have much fun and loving stories to tell about our experience
making and selling kites together.

From My Fave Chair to Yours
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Recently I was reflecting on those creative gift-giving times. I felt I had lost those original, fun
creative days and reached out to some people teaching crafts & combining artistic expression
with coaching. In the process of spending time being creative, expressing emotions in art allows
a perspective to life transitions. Karen helped me find that creative expression I had lost.
 She took me through some challenging life events. It was interesting how that process helped
 & lifted the heaviness off my shoulders. I thank Karen for the creative time we spent together.
 I stories I was very attached to have changed or gone away. It was helpful to get unstuck.
I learned we don’t have to make those real-life stories of grief, hurt, disappointment frame you
forever. New stories freed me to feel more creative & feel more accomplished and ready
to share my work. Reach out to Karen if you are feeling stuck in your life stories. Or if you want
more. confidence to “Share Your Work.” 

When I spend time with homeowners listening to their stories, I find they too are finding
themselves stuck in a story. The ones I especially find interesting are the stories. Remodel a
home can be a significant expense & a stressful time. Once that remodel was completed, well,
that’s it. No need to make any more changes & clients will tell me with certainty that they just
renovated their house. The home could include addition or kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor
patio. Those are home remodels that pay off most when you come to sell. However, if that
remodel was thirty years ago. Today’s buyers consider that thirty-year-old redo work,
outdated. The story repeats itself across homeowners, especially those that have had one
home for life… Like my Kite story that feels like yesterday, the remodel and changes to homes
feels like yesterday, and homeowners speak of it with pride. For those who have done major
remodels in a home, you know what a life-changing experience it is for the whole family. Having
contractors in your home, picking out paint, cabinets, and floor coverings upset routines causes
emotions to flare up, causing havoc with day to day schedules…

Do you have stories like this? Is there a story you feel stuck telling over & over? Does that story
seem to go with you everywhere? After a few times at Artsy Fartsy events and a few one on
ones with Karen, I wanted to move on to some new material. Transitions, (like moving from a
lifetime home), bring to life many memories, lots of emotions not to mention the work involved
to make it happen. As a Real Estate agent, I believe, these stories need to be heard, listened to,
and explored. Because in knowing the stories, it helps us find solutions. Yes, “Show Your
Work”, gift it to others, and don’t be afraid to move into a new story: a new home, a different
location. Find the creative expression that makes you feel alive and full of Joy! You deserve it!

P.S. order or gift the book: Show Your Work!: 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered

Teresa Barthol

Teresa Barthol

Realtor - Managing Broker



Teresa Barthol


Teresa Barthol -Managing Broker with eXp Realty Seattle.  Brings 22 plus years’ experience to consult with clients about real estate in the 3rd and 4th quarters of their lives. .  With longevity in Real Estate Teresa loves to share her optimistic problem solving skills, creative out of the box thinking along with her enthusiasm for great outcomes. “Believe,” she will say, your desires in life will be realized. Teresa focuses on Lifestyles to Live within the four walls you call home.

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