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When We Were Born

Once upon a time, when we were born, our physical life began. We can imagine the prequel to our present life as a place of Oneness with God. Since God is Love, we are born in Love. So we can say our Life Story begins with ‘God and Me’ in Love.

Our Mom and Dad provide a place for us. Now that we have physical bodies, we grow in attachment to our parents or caregivers as a matter of survival. Our physical development becomes our priority as we necessarily attach to those around us.

I didn’t attach to my parents well or they didn’t attach to me. I am naturally a very independent person. Detaching is super normal for me. I became personally aware of God at age 8. When I became aware of My Soul at age 50, when I met my Spirit Guide, ‘Simply Love’, and when the word ‘LOVE’ was written across my body from head to toe like an invisible tattoo, everything changed. I began to thaw and warm up on the inside.

God Always Shows Up

The cares of this world can obscure our Oneness with God. We can begin to feel detached from God. God’s remedy is that God shows up in the people who love us and in nature, which feeds us and cares for us. If we have eyes to see, we can be aware and see God all the time in everything because God always shows up in every moment.

The concept that Love is the Universe’s very physical structure from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin can lead us to see God everywhere and in everything. The day I came across this concept I became more loving. I could see and feel Love, everywhere.

God shows up in me, in my husband and our children and their spouses and our grandchildren. God shows up in all of you reading this article today. God shows up in the structure of my home and car, and community. God shows up in nature all around you and me. God is in everyone and in everything and is everywhere.

When I learned that our cells are 99.9999% space and for the lack of a better word, scientists are calling this space, spirit, I realized I am infused with the very Spirit of God. God is closer to me more than I ever knew. God is so, so , so near. Perhaps my religion painted such a different picture for me.

In recent years I have studied many worldviews. Now I understand God as Love Energy extending within and beyond everything known. Love Energy sustains the Universes and everything in them. Now I know for sure God is always with us. God has been with us for Eternity past. God will be with us for Eternity future. Knowing that God shows up in every area of our lives and in everything can renew our faith and bring hope to our every present moment.

We can have hope that in this lifetime and in each lifetime, we are Evolving toward Love. Our Humanity is becoming more and more mature and complete, even as we struggle with weaknesses and imperfections.

We are all Divine even when obscured by our Humanity. We can trust God. God is Good and has our Highest Good in mind.

God and Me
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When We Die

When we die, it is ‘God and Me,’ again. Whether we are surrounded by our Loved Ones or not, God shows up because God is with us all, always and forever. We dwell in perfect Oneness, again. We do not need to be afraid of death. We are born and we die, in Love.

Namaste – the Divine in Me Celebrates the Divine in You!

I Love You!


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Dani Green

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