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We are bombarded by messages, quotes and inspiration to get out of our comfort zones. It can
often seem like a cliché trope, but there is some value to the idea of stretching ourselves to new
things. Getting out of your comfort zone means you’re opening yourself up to so many new
opportunities, friendships and adventures. It is good for your personal development and it’s good
for your brain too! So, want to know how to get out of your comfort zone and into new journeys
ahead? Read on!

Change Isn’t Easy

Let’s be real. Women tend to be creatures of habit, and especially at this stage of our lives. We
know who we are and we like our routines. Often, we’re not really even interested in the work
that goes along with changing things up.

While change may not be easy, it’s often the hard things in life we find so rewarding! Childbirth?
Not easy! But so worth it! Career building? A lot of work, but so much accomplishment.
Relationships that nourish your soul? They take time, effort, and investment but they pay off in
dividends. No, change may not be easy, and getting out of your comfort zone may be tough
initially, but it’s so worth it in the end!

Getting Out Of Our Comfort Zone Keeps Our Brains Moving

Our brains need exercise! When we push ourselves to get out of the routine, we’re stimulating
our gray matter and keeping it active and healthy. Growing gray matter comes in the form of new
experiences and adventures, and researchers believe shaking our routines up can be helpful to
keep dementia away. Pushing ourselves to get out of our comfort zones and do something
mentally challenging and unfamiliar may be scary at first, but our brains will actually reward us
for doing so with neural connectivity and healthy gray matter!

How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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I Want To Take The Jump! How Do I Get Out Of My Comfort Zone?

So, you know it’s good for your brain and body to try new things, but you’re not sure how to get
out of your comfort zone and how to push yourself. The good news is that you can start small!
It’s often exhilarating to dive right into something new and adventurous but you can make little
changes like shaking up your morning routine (take a walk with a friend, join the local gym, find
a hobby club, etc.) to start small.

Sometimes, something as small as changing the day you go to the grocery store or watching a
different television show may be all you need to get motivated to do more. Start small and build
yourself to bigger routine changes. As you learn that change isn’t always a terrible thing, you’ll
find you may actually seek more out.

Getting out of your comfort zone will force you to open yourself up to new ideas, people and
adventures. This means you’ll be able to handle more of the change’s life may throw at you in
upcoming days, and you’ll find that life doesn’t have to be lived just one way. You may make
new friends who may then encourage you to make the big routine changes, say a big trip to
another country or a move to a different state you’ve always wanted to live in. The resilience
you’ve gained in making small routine changes will be a great foundation.

Yes, change is hard sometimes, but change is where we grow. Take some steps to step out of your
comfort zone and see where the road takes you!

Fave Lifestyles
Karen Rae

Karen Rae

Owner, Fave Lifestyles


Karen Rae

I was becoming an empty nester, a woman of a more interesting age and in transition. Sound familiar? I was at that place where we question our purpose, value, and worth and what in the world are we going to do with the rest of our lives.

I noticed women have a huge hunger to belong to a community of women where they can feel safe, share openly from their heart and have other women to do life with! This is why I created my Fave Lifestyles.

Fave is for the woman who wants to call Fave her community of women who support, uplift, and make her feel better about herself. I want to create a place where we help her answer life's questions and just do life together!

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