How To Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs

It’s all around us; chatter about fleeting youth and the new limitations that accompany a different
stage in life. We’re either told we’re now too old for something or it’s too late to start something
new, or we’ve spent our entire life believing things that limited our courage and inspiration to
step out.

For women who may have spent the better part of our lives as nurturers of our families and quite
possibly out of the paid-work force for quite some time, we wonder where our place now is and
how we fit in.

Sure, we find that outfit adorable, but it's for younger girls. Yes, you think you’d be perfect for
that job opportunity, but your resume may have some gaps that hold you back from applying for
the position. These thoughts are ones we impose on ourselves, and it’s time we learn how to let
go of limiting beliefs and continue to grow into who we were meant to be.

Are Limiting Beliefs Part Of A Mid-life Crisis?

It’s inevitable when we hit this age; we’re called middle aged and that in itself carries
connotations. We also find that things may not be as easy as they once were, and we’re not as
eager to step out into something new because we feel more judged. This can bring about feelings
of depression, failure and lack of purpose.

This doesn’t have to be a crisis, though. You have the power to change these beliefs and you
want to because our thoughts lead to our actions. If we continue to let our beliefs limit our
behaviors, we’ll find ourselves missing out on the many amazing things this life still offers (and
we offer to this life). We have the power to free ourselves to continue to explore who we are and
what we want to do.

Letting Go Of Limiting Beliefs: Recognize Them For What They Are

To change our limiting beliefs, we have to see them for what they really are. Society’s notion of
how a woman’s hair should look based on her age, or what her role in life is based on the age of
her children doesn’t have to dictate what you are capable of, and you shouldn’t let it. Who told
you that you’re too old to find a new love? Why do you think you’re too old to start a new career?
What makes you think you’re not motivated enough to get into the shape you’ve wanted to?

The answer to those questions and more is, “YOU.” While those notions may surround us in our
communities and our day-to-day life encounters, the truth is that YOU are in control of your
thoughts and actions. As you continue to tell yourself those things, you slowly watch them turn
into reality. The good news is that YOU can change, though, and let those limiting beliefs go.

Empower Yourself And Grow!

There are many ways that you can let limiting beliefs go and replace them with healthy,
empowering thoughts once you’ve recognized them as limiting. Surround yourself with people who believe in you, and what you want to do. Drown out the noise with growth-mindset ideas and podcasts, friends and family members. Create a list of goals you’d like to achieve and then create a list of true limiters—lack of funds, lack of physical ability perhaps, but never a societal norm that you don’t have to believe.

Fill your life with positive people, opportunities and beliefs. When you feel discouraged,
question what it is that makes you feel the way you do and analyze if what you’re experiencing is
based on truth or a limiting belief you’ve accepted. Throw it out if it’s another’s opinion; the only
opinion that matters are your own.

Mostly, realize it’s about the journey, certainly not the destination. When you let go of limiting
beliefs, you allow yourself to live in each moment and enjoy them to the fullest. So, let them go
and don’t let anything hold you back!

How To Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs
Karen Rae

Karen Rae

Owner, Fave Lifestyles


Karen Rae

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