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If you’re like me, I decorate for Christmas the minute Thanksgiving is finished. It’s one of my family’s favorite holidays! The smell of fresh evergreens wreaths always reminds me of Christmas. I make evergreen wreaths every year to decorate my home for the holidays.  A simple DIY project you can do as well, with just a few supplies needed from the hardware and craft store and greens from your yard. Gather some friends to make wreaths with you and share your evergreen cuttings with each other. Chances are you have different trees and bushes growing in your yards.

Start by gathering the supplies you will need to make fresh evergreen Christmas wreaths:

  • wire clippers
  • pruners/garden shears
  • garden gloves (optional, helps keep the sap off your hands)
  • paddle wire, 22 gauge
  • wire wreath frame
  • evergreen clippings

The first three items can be found at a hardware or garden store. You might already have them in your garage, though, as they are common garden tools. The next two items from a craft store. The last would be from your gardens.

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For the evergreens, I like to clip an assortment, so I have choices. Living in the PNW, we have many evergreen trees to choose from. Many of the “foundation” plants used in landscaping are evergreen bushes and trees, so you probably have some in your yard as well.  Some of my favorites are:

  • cedar
  • juniper
  • spruce
  • pine
  • holly

When clipping your evergreens, make sure you move around the tree and take from various places. You don’t want to leave a hole in your tree by taking all the stems from one spot!  Each stem should be 6-8″ long. You will need about 100 stems to complete an 18″ wreath frame. You could get away with less, I just like my evergreen Christmas wreaths wreaths really full!

How to Make an Evergreen Wreath
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Set up your worktable so you have lots of space and easy access to all the stems. I like to work with piles of each evergreen variety within reach. Typically, I’ll place a 6’ folding table in my yard and cover the top with piles of each evergreen clipping. If you are using a nicer table, make sure you cover it with craft paper, as the clippings could be sappy. You don’t want to damage your dining room table!

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Now that you are set-up, it’s time to get to work.  Start by anchoring your paddle wire to the wreath frame.  Do this by looping the wire around one portion of the frame, bending the wire back upon itself. Then twist the wire onto itself, so it is secure. You will be pulling the wire tightly when attaching the stems to the frame, so make sure the wire is secure.

Lay 3 stems of evergreens side-by-side across the frame, so the wire you just anchored is by the stem bottoms.  I like to choose a mixture of evergreens, for texture. But you can make the wreath all one variety if you like. The greens should hang over the edge of the frame, covering it. Holding the stems in place with one hand, start wrapping the wire paddle tightly around the frame across the base of the stems.  This will anchor your stems to the frame. It should only take 3-4 turns to make the stems become secure.

Add 3 more stems across the frame, so the tops of these stems cover the bottoms of the first row of stems.  How much space you put between each row is up to you. The main goal is to cover the bottom of the stems and the wire that is holding them in place.  Hold the stems in place with one hand and wrap the wire around the frame again with the other hand. Now your wreath is starting to take shape!

Keep up with the pattern of laying 3 stems across the frame and anchoring them with wire as you go. When you get back to the beginning of the wreath, tuck your last row of stems underneath the first row so their stems will be covered.  It will be a bit awkward to hold the first row of stems up while you secure the last row, I know. But it is only one row you have to do this with. Once all the stems are on the wreath form and you are happy with the look, you can finish off the wire.  Using your wire clippers, cut the wire about 1 inch from the frame.  Wrap the wire around the frame until you reach the end.

Your fresh evergreen Christmas wreath​ is complete! Hang it on your front door or other outdoor location. I like to place one on each of my front porch lights. The wreaths will stay fresh longer if they are kept outside in cool weather. If brought inside, they will start to dry out. Enjoy making your own natural and artificial evergreen wreath this year!

Kelli Walker

Kelli Walker

Wedding and Floral Designer


Kelli Walker

Flowers have been my passion since I was young. Raised in a family of gardeners, I remember choosing seed packets from the farm store each spring. The anticipation of the flowers blooming, all that color and fragrance in the garden, was so thrilling to me! Nature still provides me with constant inspiration, the way a branch is shaped or a flower is bobbing in the breeze. I strive to translate that feeling into my designs, creating florals that look as though they were just picked from the garden.


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