How to Meet Fitness Goals the Second Half of the Year!

We’re a little more than halfway through the year, so are you still on track to meet your fitness goals for the year? Here are some tips to keep you on course and make each day count for the second half of the year!

Make Each Day Count:

Taking it one day at a time when you’re striving to meet fitness goals is the best way to ensure you get there. It’s not a race. It’s a marathon! Making each day count makes it more likely that you make the necessary lifestyle changes to make fitness a regular part of your life. If you tackle fitness one day at a time – with a bigger goal in mind – it won’t feel like an impossible idea! This means each day you exercise matters. Start with Sunday, and track each day. Wednesday is your mid-week check-in day to see if you need to ramp it up for the rest of the week or slow down a bit.

Keep a Log:

It’s easier to make each day count if you keep a log or exercise log. Keeping a log helps to keep you accountable to your goals. Take a few minutes each day to write down what you’ve done that day. And, just as we stated in the previous tip, use Wednesday as your check-in day. Check-in on Sunday to see if you met your goals in the prior week! Exercise diaries are also excellent for tracking your meals and your health!

Create a Routine and Stick to it:

If you haven’t already created a routine for the year, devise one right now! Create an exercise routine for the remaining months of 2019. Studies show that having a regular routine helps you stick to it. It also helps to keep you accountable to your goals! When you’re creating a routine, be honest with yourself. What would work best for your schedule and ultimate fitness goals? Being practical when you’re designing a routine means you’re less likely to find excuses to skip workouts! Record your routine in your fitness log. Be as specific. Then stick to the routine as much as possible! Remember to adjust your routine as you grow stronger.

Check Bad Habits:

It’s too easy to fall back into any bad habits you might have had before your starting working out. Keep to your planned routine while keeping in mind your ultimate goals! It helps to keep you from falling back into any habits that go against your goals. If your goals include changing your dietary habits, then use your fitness log to track your food intake as well That holds you accountable. At the end of each week, review your log to see if you met your goals. Again, that keeps you accountable.

Meeting your Goals:

Sometimes you need to change things up a bit to achieve your goals. Yes, sticking to your planned fitness routine is critical, but life can sometimes get in the way. If you have an early morning meeting that will prevent you from your morning workout, try working out after work instead. Or walk to work if possible to get in some exercise. Think of other creative ways to get in some activity or movement. Instead of your regular spin class, try a high-wattage dance class. Note these changes to your routine in your fitness log.

Turn to Apps for Help:

There are fitness trackers and apps you can use to keep you on course and accountable. There are numerous apps on the market, and you should use the one that will best meet your individual needs.

Use a Trainer or Work with a Friend:

Sometimes the best way to hold ourselves accountable is to hire a trainer and buy a package of appointments with them! My suggestion is first to try the class or have at least one session with a trainer before you buy a package. But, prepaying for something will make you more likely to show up. Also, a professional trainer can ensure you’re working out safely!


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