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Moving ranks as a life stressor right up there with divorce, job loss and even loss of a loved one. It’s not
usually an easy process, and when you move as a single woman, it can even be more daunting. It doesn’t
have to be the ordeal you imagine. Follow these tips on your solo move and make it a smooth from start
to finish. Go ahead, take a breath, and start packing!

Ask for Help

We are women, hear us roar! But, as the song goes, we get by with a little help from our friends. When
you are moving as a single woman, your friends will want to help you, so let them! It really does take a
village even after the kids are grown! Whether it is packing, physically moving boxes or just support,
don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends.

Budget For Emergencies

Before you do any planning, take a look at your budget and be sure to include extra for any emergencies
that might happen. There are always little unexpected costs that come up and having some funds set
aside will make those costs less of a stressor.

Things you’ll need to consider when planning a move as a single woman are:

  • Packers and loaders if you’re not able to do so yourself. If you’re packing yourself, don’t
    overpack boxes and make sure your friends and family can help lift and carry.
  • A rental truck if you can pack and load yourself or with friends and family.
  • Car maintenance. Get your car serviced now so you don’t have any issues on the road.
  • Tips for packers and loaders.
  • Incidentals you’ll need to rebuy at the new place—refrigerator condiments, new curtain
    rods/blinds, possibly storage if you’re downsizing.
  • Utility bills—final at your old place, deposits at your new home.
  • Gas/food/lodging on the trip to the new location.
How To Plan A Move As A Single Woman
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Plan Your Travel Route

Everyone has GPS but it is also helpful to look at the map beforehand. Plan rest stops and points of
interest if the move is long distance. It never hurts to have printed copies of directions/maps because
GPS and our smartphones aren’t failsafe. Make plans to see friends if they’re along the way. Be sure you
have money for tolls (or passes if you can order ahead) if applicable and check out travel sites for
recommendations of places to avoid.

Keep Valuables Close

To the best of your ability, keep all of your valuables with you. This means jewelry, important papers,
irreplaceable pictures, etc. Movers can replace some things, but some things have no replacement and
you should make sure they are in your possession.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Always have good situational awareness. Before you get out of your car at the gas station or rest area or
wherever scan your surroundings. Don’t talk or text on the phone when you’re at a stop; pay attention
to what’s going on, and before you stop, let a friend or family member know where you are each stop.
These little safety precautions will help keep you safe and give you peace of mind.

Change Your Address

Nowadays, you can do pretty much anything online, and that makes changing your address easy. Change
with the United States Postal Service and be sure to go online with or call your banks, credit cards,
magazines and Amazon Prime. You do NOT want new stuff sent to the old address!

Planning may be a bit different when it comes to moving as a single woman. It also might make things
easier. You get to make all the plans and all the decisions. While you might be overwhelming it can also
be exhilarating! Plan to make the most of it. Enjoy the journey, and get excited for the new adventures
and people you’ll be encountering as you get adjusted to your new digs. Do some online research about
all you can do in the new place, and then plan to get out there and explore!

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