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Sometimes, when you’re looking to plan meals for just yourself, you may think, “Why bother?”

The first and best answer is that you’re worth it! The close second is that you want to be your healthiest and food is fuel. Squeaking in at third is that it’s actually pretty easy to do, once you get past the daunting part of how to plan meals for one person, and you may find that you enjoy it more than you expect.

Why Plan Meals For One When Delivery Is So Easy?

Excellent question. And the truth is, there’s no shame in giving in to delivery every now and then, or even trying out those meal delivery systems that bring prepped food to your door. The reality is, though, that those can be pretty pricey and involved, and most meal programs don’t figure in every meal for every day. Not to mention how you will have leftovers you never end up eating, and that’s even more money down the drain. Meal planning for one is easier than ever, and these few tips will make your kitchen the place to be!

A Few Easy Tips

Most important, don’t over shop! You may be used to buying in bulk and/or for more seats at your table. Most packages of meat in the stores assume a portion for at least two, so you want to be careful not to buy more than you really need for yourself unless you’re purposely planning to make extra for freezing (another brilliant idea!). The best way not to over shop is to see what you have before you hit the store. Make a list of what you have (and it’s always wise to have pantry staples on hand) and then consider how many nights you’ll need to cook. Look at your calendar—plan only to cook for nights you’ll be home, and subtract ONE night because that can be your spontaneous/leftover night.

How to Plan Meals for One
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Make your plan and include what you want! Don’t shy from lasagna since you’re just cooking for yourself! Cook it anyway, and section extra portions off to keep in your freezer. Just don’t forget to include those in your plans for each week (these are perfect for those nights you subtracted when you were shopping). Too many of us don’t bother going through the hassle of making our favorites just for us because they’re involved, but you are totally worth it!

Buy healthy! If you have frozen pizza in your freezer, guess what you’ll eat that night you just don’t feel like doing much? Yep, frozen pizza. If you instead have a veggie and cheese tortellini and some delicious marinara in your fridge? You’ll divert to that instead. We tend to eat what we have, so buy healthy and plan to make meals that are good for you so you’ll have those in reserves in the freezer.

On that note, pick a prep day and prepare and cut veggies you’re planning to use during the week. If you get it all done in one session, it’ll be like you have your own personal sous chef making your life easier!

When you think of healthy meals for the week, don’t rule out roasting a chicken at the beginning of the week and using it throughout the week. You can have roast chicken, chicken tacos, chicken parmigiana and chicken salad sandwiches all from the same chicken. The same goes for browning up a pound or two of ground beef on prep day and storing in your fridge to be used for spaghetti sauces, beef tacos, meatballs and more. One day of prep makes meal planning for one a breeze the rest of the week.

It may take some getting used to plan meal for one, but once you learn how to plan meals for one, we bet you’re going to find your wallet and your waistline thank you. More, we think you’ll thank yourself for being so good to YOURSELF!

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