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You’ve decided you’re going to take the plunge and hit the online dating scene. Good for you!
Before you dive in, make sure you are aware of how to stay safe when online dating.

The rules of online dating are pretty variable, but one thing never changes, you need to make
sure you are safe. Online dating is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and different sites have
different levels of verification of users. Although the majority of people using these platforms
are doing so with the same goal as you, there are also those who seek to take advantage of others.
So, when it comes to how to stay safe when online dating, here are our best tips.

Do A Little Research

No, we’re not encouraging you to become a stalker and troll your potential date’s social media
platforms but do a little research. Look for additional information and pictures with a quick
Google search. The more you know, the better. Use the Google “Search by Image” feature when
you’re looking at Facebook profiles so you can make sure that you’re not dealing with fake

Consider Video Chatting First

You’re already looking for potential dates online, consider video conversations before real-life
meetups for your own safety. Use Google Hangouts, Facetime, Facebook, or even Zoom and talk
person-to-person—just from the security of your OWN home. This can help prevent you from
being scammed, and can also give you good info about whether you’re interested in future dates
or not. Also, consider using a free Google Voice phone number. Doing so means you don’t have
to give any of your personal info out, but you can still check calls, messages, and voicemails. You
can also block those sketchy people and save your personal number for those truly vetted people.

If you’re not up for video chatting, consider a phone call. You can tell a lot about a person by
talking to them and hearing their inflection—things you just can’t always convey well in a text
message or emails. Plus, you can get to know them better before risking the real-life interface.

Be Direct

You’re meeting a stranger for the first time; don’t be scared to stand up for yourself! This is a
two-way street; if someone is legitimately interested in you, then it’s your right and in your best
interest to ask anything and everything that makes you feel safe. If someone has an issue with
proving themselves to be who they say you are then maybe they’re not the right person for you.
You want someone who understands your need for safety is essential and they’re happy to make
sure you feel that way.

Meet In Public, Drive Yourself

ALWAYS meet in a public area for the first couple of dates. Meet where there are lots of people
around and where you have a way out if you feel uncomfortable. The last thing you want is to be
stuck. Be responsible for your own transportation for the first couple of dates. Chivalry doesn’t
have to die, but just let it be on hold for a bit until you know you’re in good hands. Plus, you
don’t want someone having your personal address right off the bat either!

Share Your Plans

This is important. Tell your children, your girlfriend, your pastor…anyone. Just make sure that
someone else knows your exact plans and whereabouts. You’ll feel better knowing someone has
your back.

Keep Your Personal Info Private

Again, don’t give out significant details like your address, your phone number, your workplace,
etc. upfront. It’s wise to be careful with your birthday, your family members’ residences, and any
other personal details. Just remember to go slowly and share that info as you know more about
the person.

Watch Your Alcohol Consumption

Yes, it’s nice to have a glass of wine online, but…stay sober. DEFINITELY stay sober when
you’re meeting up, but even when you’re just vetting and chatting online. You want to have full
faculties as you’re figuring out if you wish to spend more time with this person!

Carry Protection

We know that sounds dramatic, but…better to be safe than sorry. Consider pepper spray when
meeting up with someone you’ve found online, just to be safe.

When you’re dating online, the most important thing to remember is to listen to your gut. If it
tells you this may be too good to be true? Remember guts don’t usually lie. Guard yourself well
initially, and as you do, you’ll find the right ones to show themselves to be those you can trust and
explore a deeper and more meaningful relationship.

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Karen Rae

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Karen Rae

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