How to Style the Perfect Holiday Mantle
Styling your holiday mantel can be a big job and you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed. You can go so many different directions with your design, the sky really is the limit. Whether you choose to go traditional or modern, monochromatic or colorful; there are four key elements to remember for a beautiful holiday mantel.

The easiest rule to follow for a beautiful mantel is symmetry, if you have tall items on the ends, keep the middle low for an eye pleasing design. Similarly, if you have groupings of anything, make sure that the size of the groupings is reflected on the opposite side of the mantel.

Greenery or Garland
Add some greenery or garland to create a uniform base for your mantel. Natural or faux garland also serves as a place to tuck or attach décor such as ornaments, lights, etc. Fresh garland also brings an amazing scent to your home and or brings the outside indoors.

Natural Elements
Fruit, pinecones, twigs and flowers are all lovely additions to any mantel. You can use them as is, or spray with glitter or paint to fit into your design. The main thing when using natural elements, it to be aware of how long they will last. For example, if you use satsuma oranges make sure to check them and change them out if they are starting to spoil.

Finally, make sure you consider lighting. You can weave in Christmas lights, nestle in tealights (we recommend LED for safety), or even add taller candles inside hurricane vases. Lighting will bring the focus to the mantel and adds the lovely cozy ambiance of the holidays.

Above everything else, have fun styling your mantel and make it a reflection of your home and your style. At the end of the day if you like it, then it is a success!

How to Style the Perfect Holiday Mantle

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