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Pinterest marketing works when you have great content. People go to Pinterest to search for inspiration, ideas and solve problems. When you provide quality content to the Pinterest platform your ideal client can discover you and start the journey into your sales funnel. To create the content that will convert Pinterest users to potential clients, there are some key things to remember.

Think Like Your Potential Clients

When planning your content think about the pain points of your clients. What problem do you solve? What questions do you answer? What will your potential clients be searching for on Pinterest. If you answer these questions first, you can create content that is tailored to your ideal client and will be easily discovered on Pinterest.

How to Write Content for Pinterest Growth
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Get Ahead of Seasonal Searches

If your product or services are seasonal or you have offers that are available certain times of the year, make sure that you are creating content well in advance of the actual holiday or season. People begin searching for content on Pinterest months before the actual event, so if you post too late you miss out on the traffic. Check out this past post about timing your pinning of  holiday content.

Offer Next Steps for the Reader

Always include a call to action in your content. All the website traffic from Pinterest makes no difference if it is not converting. Whether you invite them to join an email list, Facebook group or take some other action, a next step is important. It is the difference between having a reader or a warm lead. Get those Pinterest users into a space that allows you to nurture them through your sales funnel.

Not all content is created equal on Pinterest. With these three basic tips, you can make sure your content is primed for Pinterest success! If you are interested in chatting more about your Pinterest marketing, please be in touch!

Amber Peterson

Amber Peterson

Pinterest and Content Marketing Strategist


Amber Peterson

Amber works with entrepreneurs to harness the marketing power of Pinterest. From content creation to Pinterest strategy and management, Amber creates an effective Pinterest marketing funnel for maximum results.


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