Remember a time in your life when you were so excited for something to happen and you envisioned it in your mind, what it would be like?

Maybe it was when you were a kid – you and your family were going to Disneyland, you could just see yourself standing there next to Mickey Mouse getting a picture, and in your mind, you could see yourself on the boat going through It’s a Small World singing along with the characters, or on the boat of the Pirates of Caribbean ride.

Perhaps it was graduating from school, getting married, a big promotion, your dream vacation, surely your imagination gave you a vision of what it would be like when you accomplished it or lived it.

Having that vision created a joy and excitement. You had something to work for and look forward to.

When we are intentional with our vision for ourselves on a daily basis, it will fuel our desire to achieve it and spark our thoughts and actions to go after our dreams.

Without vision, and I am talking about the internal vision we have for our lives, we are not motivated or determined to get out there and live our potential.

What can cloud our vision?

  • Negative Attitude – Setbacks in life can turn into a pessimistic attitude if we are not careful to turn disappointments into learning lessons in life. It can also create a feeling of deprivation and desperation if we are not proactive about turning it around with what we can do.
  • Doubt and Fear – Focusing thoughts on doubt and fear is cluttering our mind with all the wrong things. Our imagination of what could be is halted and crippled by unbelief.
  • Buying into others limiting beliefs and perceptions of ourselves. When we put other people’s opinions about us over our own empowered thoughts and beliefs, we are out of integrity with our greater self and we show up awkward, acting differently. We are on shaky ground when trusting that someone else is right and that their opinion is more important than our own. Someone else’s perception is limited to their understanding, plus they may not have your best interest at heart.

What clears up our vision?

  • Imagination – Take time to get inspired and really let your imagination go wild with all the possibilities. Clear away any limiting beliefs and just imagine the possibilities of your wildest dreams. What would you be like, who would you be around, where are you living, what is making you smile, what is your presence when you walk into a room?
  • Belief – Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can, or can’t, YOU ARE RIGHT!” Really hone into what your thoughts are about yourself and what you can do. Do you think, I could never? Or could you flip those limiting beliefs to – I believe I am talented and capable of achieving anything I set my mind and talents to.
  • Focus – What you focus on EXPANDS! Guard your thoughts and focus them on the possibilities, the goals you are setting for yourself, the actions to take, the growth you are creating, and the strength you are acquiring by applying yourself. Keep building on and focusing on your strength, when you do you will enjoy the journey more and the accomplishments will be even more fulfilling.

What happens when you have a clear vision and you claim your vision daily; you get after it and start creating your life intentionally. So, go get after it, don’t wait…. start today! Clear up your vision, get acting on your goals and claim the success you are experiencing. Encourage others to do the same and it is magnified exponentially!!!


Rae Ann Hall


Rae Ann Hall is the founder of Forward Principles. She is an author, speaker, and a mindset/results coach. Having had success in the business world as well as overcoming major adversities in her personal life, she brings an authentic message with a lot of heart and passion. She teaches actionable ways to get past difficulties, getting you results and motivating you to get after your dreams. Her own experiences of bringing her pain into purpose, inspires others to do the same.

Her honor is coaching people and encouraging them by providing practical tools and Forward Principles to get inspired and motivated. She helps people discover ways they can put action toward their goals through her "Result Cycle" Process. It is a thrill for her to see her clients push past limiting beliefs by tapping into their inner strength, and living their life on purpose with passion.

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